10+ Top Seafood Restaurants in North York (Ontario)

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Do you ever crave that feeling of fresh, perfectly cooked seafood? You know, the kind that makes you close your eyes and savor every bite?  Well, if you live in North York (Ontario), you’re in luck! A bounty of amazing seafood restaurants is waiting to tantalize your taste buds. From fancy fine dining to casual spots with a laid-back vibe, this list will help you find the perfect place to indulge your inner pescatarian. Let’s dive into the top seafood restaurants in North York (Ontario)!

1. The Captain’s Boil

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The Captain’s Boil® in North York offers a casual dining experience ideal for celebratory occasions, everyday meals, or trying something new. They focus on fresh seafood served in a way that encourages a social atmosphere, allowing diners to bond over delicious food without unnecessary formalities.

2. Mermaids Find

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Mermaids Find is a North York restaurant offering a relaxed atmosphere and a menu focused on high-quality seafood. They emphasize consistency and customer satisfaction, ensuring patrons receive delicious and authentic dishes every visit.

3. Red Lobster

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A casual dining establishment, Red Lobster offers a menu of American seafood favorites in a lively atmosphere. The restaurant features classic New England-inspired decor, creating a familiar and welcoming ambiance for guests.

4. Taro’s Fish

Taro’s Fish is a North York seafood destination offering a comprehensive selection. Customers can find a wide variety of fresh, high-quality seafood perfect for home preparation. Additionally, Taro’s Fish provides an assortment of Japanese groceries and boasts a convenient selection of ready-made sushi rolls and nigiri for takeout.

5. Yu Seafood Yorkdale

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Yu Seafood offers a fine-dining experience in the comfort of your own home. They specialize in takeout orders, allowing you to enjoy their premium quality seafood dishes alongside loved ones without leaving the house.

6. Mr. Fish Chinese Restaurant (North York) 渔小二 酸菜鱼

Mr. Fish is a North York restaurant specializing in Sichuan-style Sauerkraut Fish Stew. Their menu offers a variety of fresh fish dishes, perfect for sharing and enjoying with friends and family.

7. Seafood Kitchen Toronto

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Established in 2018, Seafood Kitchen Toronto brings a taste of culinary success to North York.  This restaurant began as a home-based catering company founded by La Toya and Edmund. T

8. Miller Tavern

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Established in the 1860s, Miller Tavern is a North York institution steeped in tradition.  The restaurant embodies the classic American tavern aesthetic, offering market-fresh seafood and land dishes alongside an extensive collection of spirits.

9. Halibut House Fish and Chips

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Halibut House Fish & Chips is a Canadian fish and chip franchise established in Port Perry, Ontario in 2004. They prioritize fresh, high-quality ingredients and offer a wide variety of seafood options alongside their signature fish and chips.

10. David Duncan House

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The David Duncan House offers an upscale dining experience centered around expertly prepared steak and seafood. Situated on a sprawling 4.25-acre property in Toronto, the restaurant boasts a unique ambiance.

11. Nomé Izakaya North York

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North York residents seeking an authentic Japanese izakaya experience can look no further than Nome Izakaya. This restaurant and lounge combines the social atmosphere of a tapas bar with a menu focused on meticulously fresh sashimi and boasts Toronto’s best oyster bar according to them.


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