10 Best Asian Restaurants in Vaughan

Canada sure is a long way from Asia! More than 7,000 miles away to be exact.

For the Asians now based in Canada, it’s always hard to be far away from your roots, the place you miss the most. But with Food: sumptuous, delicious and hearty meals, each bite can take you home (and to other places you’ve never been before!)

Lucky for you, there are authentic Asian restaurants in Vaughan! This isn’t just for Asians though — Canadians could also get a taste of the spicy, flavorful dishes of Chinese, Korean, or Thai dishes.

For the top 10 Best Asian Restaurants in Vaughan, feel free to browse through the list below to experience these Asian culinary masterpieces!


1. Cynthia’s Chinese Restaurant

Photo from (http://thornhill.cynthiaschinese.com/gallery/)

Cynthia’s Chinese Restaurant offers artistically authentic, decorated rooms that will leave first time guests impressed. And the food, just look at the picture above of this delicate braised Pork dish and your mouth will water with anticipation! It is said that when emperors lived in the famed Forbidden City and would hold great banquets, they would sit amidst the silken splendor of the Imperial courts and dine on the finest Chinese cuisine. At Cynthia’s, they’ve recreated the luxury and taste of the most celebrated age of China. From the moment you step in, you’re greeted at the door by their staff dressed in traditional Imperial robes. As for your dining experience, you’ll be taken through an exquisite menu of mouth-watering cuisine such as . Who knew that such Chinese flavors can be experienced in Canada? Visit Cynthia’s Chinese restaurant and experience the fine dining fit for emperors!


2. Sake Sushi

Photo from (http://sakesushionline.com/plugins/meal/menu_info.aspx?id=C02&menuclassid=447&menuId=3&q=)

Just look at this exquisite sushi spread. More than 180 Japanese dishes are on the all-you-can-eat menu at Sake Sushi! The menu items are unique, beautifully presented, and are absolutely delicious. Try their Rock Shrimp that features crispy shrimp with spicy plum sauce, the General Tso’s Chicken, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Mango Chicken, Coconut Shrimp, Bulgogi, Korean pan fried beef, Beef Sashimi featuring thinly sliced rare beef served with ponzu sauce. Don’t forget the Tuna Tataki consisting of thinly sliced tuna with black pepper, the Baked Mussel, Vegetable Fried Rice, Chicken Fried Udon, and other food that will surely tickle your taste buds with glorious Japanese food!


3. Siamese Thai Cuisine

Photo from (http://www.thairestaurant.ca/)

The Siamese Thai Cuisine: no-frills name, but its food is very much unforgettable. Feel that heat as you savor accurate Thai cuisine such as the Satay skewers consisting of grilled chicken breast, tiger shrimp, or scallop marinated with Thai spices and herbs and served with house peanut sauce. They also have fresh Rolls featuring lettuce, red pepper, cucumber, cilantro, and marinated carrot wrapped in rice paper and served with house sweet and sour sauce. Thai spices in golden fried puff pastry and served with house sweet and sour sauce, and other heavenly Asian delicacies. No amount of adjectives and descriptions can capture the dining experience — you’re in for a treat! Come to Siamese Thai Cuisine and get a taste of Thailand with every bite!

4. Hub Sushi

Photo from www.hubsushi.ca/

Hub Sushi knows authentic Japanese cuisine. From plating, to ingredients, to fit and finish, they’ll take you on a culinary journey from Canada to the shores of Japan itself with every bite. They specialize in sushi, sashimi, rolls, Izakaya and a wide variety of Japanese lunch and dinner options as well as Japanese beverages. Hub Sushi is not only has traditional dishes, but also unique menu creations that are true to Japanese culture, outstanding service, and comfortable atmosphere. And as a fusion restaurant, Hub Sushi also offers unique menu creations which are guaranteed culinary delights! So for that special dinner, go to Hub Sushi fusion restaurant — because ‘Life is too short for bad sushi!’


5. Spoon & Fork

Photo from (http://www.spoonandfork.ca/spoon-and-fork/the-cuisine/)

Spoon and Fork has revamped the all you can eat culture by presenting their brand as an All-You-Can-Taste experience. They give you portions that are just enough to satisfy you but give you enough breathing room to try other dishes they have to offer. Instead of using self-serving buffet tables, you can order from the menu as many times as you like and their friendly wait staff will serve you quick and efficiently so you’ll never miss a beat. Their chefs have years of experience in preparing oriental cuisine. The décor of the Spoon and Fork restaurant also gives you an experience of upscale fine dining, something you don’t normally find at All-You-Can-Eat restaurants. At Spoon and Fork our food is always made to perfection because you’ll enjoy fine oriental cuisine made by experienced chefs. Their chefs have spent years perfecting the craft of cooking oriental dishes because they understand that presentation of the food is just as important as the taste. Their chefs make the presentation of the food look so perfect, you’ll think the food was ready for television!

6. Tian Xin Place

Photo from (http://tianxinplace.com/menus.php)

Tian Xin Place is a Huaiyang restaurant offering classical Huaiyang dishes. Originally from Shanghai, China, Huaiyang cuisine is a cuisine with more than 1,000 years of history and offers many excellent culinary creations including dimsum, braised pork, seafood dishes, and use of lots of spice. The fine selection of Huaiyang vegetables is characterized by light taste and moderate sweetness. Their shop chef is a five-star hotel chef with more than 30 years of cooking experience! He even won a Gold medal award after participating in a Food Technology competition in New York. For an authentic and mind blowing dining experience, come on down to Tian Xin Place!


7. Masa Sushi

Photo from (http://www.masasushivaughan.com/)

Masa Sushi offers delicious dining, takeout and delivery to Vaughan. Masa Sushi is a cornerstone in the Vaughan community and has been recognized for its outstanding Sushi cuisine, excellent service and friendly staff. Masa Sushi is known for its modern interpretation of classic dishes and its insistence on only using high quality fresh ingredients. Enjoy their delicate Sushi rolls, Cheese Wontons. Teriyaki Dinner, Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura, Udon Soup, and many more.


8. Our Thai

Photo from (http://ourthai.ca/gallery/)

Our Thai Restaurant & Cafe is a family owned and operated restaurant serving great food in the Vaughan area since 2007. With 15 years of experience in the restaurant industry, they have innovated Thai cooking and have contributed to its popularity! The secret? Fresh ingredients, aromatic herbs and spices, and expert cooking. Although Thai food is known for its spiciness, not all dishes are spicy. Other essential ingredients include Thai basil, cilantro, coconut milk, curry paste, fish sauce, galangal root, ginger, lime leaf, lemon grass and tamarind. Most dishes are lightly cooked so it is crisp, colourful, sharply flavoured and healthy. Their specialties include their Fresh Rolls with Tiger Shrimp, Chicken Satay with the delicious Peanut sauce, and of course don’t forget the Pad Thai. Make Our Thai, your Thai too! You’re in for a flavorful, lip-smacking time!


9. Mandarin

Photo from (https://mandarinrestaurant.com/buffet/)

Mandarin’s award-winning all-you-can-eat buffet offers over 100 delicious dishes, showcasing the best in Chinese-Canadian fare.  Enjoy their extensive soup and salad bars, grill table, prime rib counter, sushi corner, and variety of hot food! An array of desserts, an ice cream sundae bar and frozen yogurt station offer the perfect end to your meal. Mandarin was founded as a small à-la-carte restaurant and their top priority was to ensure customer satisfaction by providing the freshest food and the best service. In 1986, they changed their restaurant to buffet-style but continuously maintained their commitment to customer satisfaction. This commitment is the basis of the company’s mission statement: “Every customer must feel welcomed as soon as they arrive. Every customer must be happy and smiling when they leave!”


10. Kyoto Japanese Cuisine

Photo from (http://www.kyotosushibar.com/Canada/about-us)

Kyoto Japanese Cuisine welcomes you to a pleasant and memorable dining experience with food as heavenly as it looks in the pictures. Kyoto features authentic Hibachi Grill Sushi Teriyaki Japanese cuisine and takes pride in serving you the finest Oriental cuisine in the area. You’ll want to taste everything in their menu! Their sauces are the magic ingredient which gives harmony and gives rise to unique dishes. Each dish is prepared to order. Their dishes are not just flavorful, but healthy too. The dishes are offered for the diet conscious; low in sodium and mildly seasoned. On September 20, 2012, the Mayor of the City of Vaughan presented the restaurant with the best of the city award in the category of Japanese Cuisine. Award winning food at affordable prices — that’s Kyoto Japanese Cuisine!

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