10+ Authentic Canadian Restaurants in Toronto (Ontario)

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Ever craved poutine beyond the frozen aisle or dreamt of a brunch piled high with maple syrup-soaked goodness? Canada boasts a rich culinary scene that goes far beyond just apologizing and maple syrup. From coast to coast, each region offers unique dishes that reflect its history and local ingredients. If you’re ready to delve into the delicious world of authentic Canadian cuisine but finding the most authentic Canadian restaurants in Toronto feels overwhelming, this list is for you! We’ve compiled over 10 spots sure to satisfy your inner Canadian foodie.

1. Woods Restaurant & Bar

Authentic Canadian Restaurants in Toronto
@woodstoronto via instagram.com 

Woods, a restaurant specializing in modern Canadian cuisine, prioritizes the health and safety of its patrons. Woods promises to continue delivering exceptional dining experiences alongside their renowned, exquisite dishes.

2. Aloette Restaurant

Authentic Canadian Restaurants in Toronto
@aloette_restaurant via instagram.com 

Established in 2017, Aloette is a Michelin-recommended neighborhood bistro in Toronto by the Alo Food Group. This restaurant offers a unique concept, blending high-end culinary techniques with classic comfort food favorites like cheeseburgers and lemon meringue pie.

3. Canoe

Authentic Canadian Restaurants in Toronto
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Located in Toronto, Canoe offers a contemporary take on authentic Canadian cuisine. Their philosophy centers on connecting diners to the rich tapestry of Canada through innovative dishes. 

4. Signatures Restaurant

Authentic Canadian Restaurants in Toronto
@signature_restaurant via instagram.com 

Signatures Restaurant presents a globally-inspired dining experience that celebrates the bounty of Canada. Led by Chef Christopher Perera, their menu features high-quality ingredients sourced from Canadian farms, alongside fresh, daily fish deliveries.

5. Richmond Station

Authentic Canadian Restaurants in Toronto
@richmondstation via instagram.com 

Richmond Station is a downtown Toronto restaurant offering a menu that emphasizes fresh, seasonal ingredients and skillful culinary techniques. Their focus is on providing both excellent hospitality and delicious food in a relaxed atmosphere.

6. Canadiana Grill By The Lake

Authentic Canadian Restaurants in Toronto
@canadianagrillbtl via instagram.com 

Canadiana Grill By The Lake is a family-run diner in Toronto offering a warm and inviting atmosphere. They specialize in classic Canadian comfort food, perfect for those seeking a familiar and satisfying meal.

7. 360 The Restaurant at the CN Tower

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Perched atop the iconic CN Tower, 360 The Restaurant offers a taste of Canada unlike any other. It curates fresh, local, and sustainable ingredients to create a culinary journey across the nation.

8. Antler Kitchen & Bar

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Antler Kitchen & Bar is a Toronto restaurant specializing in seasonal Canadian cuisine. Their menu highlights locally sourced wild game and foraged ingredients, offering a unique take on traditional dishes.

9. GEORGE Restaurant

@georgeonqueen via instagram.com 

Despite its name, GEORGE Restaurant isn’t your typical homage to Canadian cuisine. Here, the focus is on globally inspired dishes crafted with seasonal ingredients. Their frequently changing menus promise intriguing and unforgettable meals for discerning palates. 

10. Restaurant 20 Victoria

@twentyvictoria via instagram.com 

Nestled in downtown Toronto, Restaurant 20 Victoria provides a refined and intimate dining experience. They showcase their culinary talents through a multi-course tasting menu, offering a full 7+ course option and a lighter 4-course menu on weekdays. 

11. Actinolite Restaurant

@actinoliterestaurant via instagram.com 

Nestled on a quiet residential stretch of Ossington Avenue in Toronto, Actinolite Restaurant offers a warm and welcoming ambience. Chef Justin Cournoyer’s passion for his hometown, Actinolite, is evident throughout the experience.


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