10+ Best Buffet Restaurants in Downtown Toronto (Ontario)

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Do you ever feel like you could eat your weight in all sorts of delicious food? Toronto’s buffet scene is amazing, offering a chance to try tons of different dishes without breaking the bank. But with so many options, how do you choose the best buffet restaurants in Downtown Toronto (Ontario)? This guide will help you navigate the world of all-you-can-eat delights, from classic comfort food to international flavors.


Best Buffet Restaurants in Downtown Toronto
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This restaurant prides itself on treating everyone like family, serving high-quality food that won’t drain your wallet. Located in the heart of the historic St. Lawrence neighborhood, HOTHOUSE puts you right in the center of the action, close to iconic landmarks and entertainment spots.

2. Little India Restaurant

Best Buffet Restaurants in Downtown Toronto
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Craving a taste of India? Look no further than Little India! This family-run restaurant in Downtown Toronto has been serving up authentic and delicious Indian food since 1995.

3. Thirty Restaurant and Lounge

If you’re staying near Yonge-Dundas Square and looking for a casual spot to grab a bite, Thirty Restaurant and Lounge could be your answer. This eatery inside the Holiday Inn offers a buffet-style spread, so you can pile your plate high with breakfast classics, American comfort food, Italian favorites, or even Indian curries.

4. Bombay Palace Downtown Toronto

This legendary restaurant isn’t just about curries (although they have plenty of those too). They offer a wide variety of authentic Indian dishes, all prepared with fresh ingredients and bursting with flavor.

5. CN TOWER Restaurant

Best Buffet Restaurants in Downtown Toronto
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Sure, the CN Tower’s 360 Restaurant boasts a world-class wine cellar and eco-friendly practices, but it’s ultimately about creating unforgettable memories.

6. KAKA All You Can Eat

Best Buffet Restaurants in Downtown Toronto
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This all-you-can-eat restaurant in Downtown Toronto lets you pile your plate high with deliciousness, izakaya-style. Think yummy skewer options alongside all your sushi favorites. Plus, they’ve got a dessert menu that sounds too good to be true!

7. Marcello’s Market and Deli

Since 1996, they’ve been offering fresh, high-quality food at work-friendly prices,  like a gourmet market you can grab a bite from without leaving the office building.


Best Buffet Restaurants in Downtown Toronto
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TOCA, located inside the swanky Ritz-Carlton, is all about high-end Italian cuisine. Forget about endless pizza and pasta; here, you’ll find seasonal dishes made with fresh, local ingredients.

9. Chine Legendary Hot Pot & BBQ

This downtown Toronto spot lets you indulge in a culinary adventure with both hot pot and BBQ options.  They use fresh, local ingredients to craft their dishes, and their beef, chicken, and lamb are all halal certified, so everyone can join the fun.

10. Bangkok Garden

Craving some delicious Thai food? Look no further than Bangkok Garden! This Downtown Toronto spot offers a taste of Thailand, with dishes ranging from mild to fiery to suit any spice preference. 

11. Olly Fresco’s Royal Bank Plaza

Olly Fresco’s gets it. They specialize in fresh, made-daily meals that are perfect for urban professionals on the go.


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