10+ Best Comedy Clubs in Toronto (Ontario)

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Toronto, the city that never sleeps (except maybe on a Monday), is not just about stunning views and diverse food scenes. It also has a killer comedy scene that’s low-key iconic. So, whether you’re a local looking for a laugh or a tourist wanting to experience the city’s funnier side, we’ve rounded up the best comedy clubs in Toronto that’ll have you ROFLing harder than your group chat after a few too many cocktails.

1. Comedy Bar

Best Comedy Clubs in Toronto
Photo via @comedybarto / Instagram 

Comedy Bar is the heart and soul of Toronto’s comedy scene, a legendary stomping ground where Canadian comedians cut their teeth and international stars come to test their material. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, this is the place to catch the next big thing in comedy.

2. The Corner Comedy Club

Best Comedy Clubs in Toronto
Photo via @thecornercomedyclub / Instagram 

The Corner Comedy Club, tucked away on Queen Street West, is a hidden gem for those seeking intimate and hilarious nights out. With shows running Wednesday through Sunday, it’s the perfect spot to catch both up-and-coming and established comedians honing their craft.

3. Absolute Comedy Toronto

Best Comedy Clubs in Toronto
Photo via @absolute_toronto / Instagram 

Absolute Comedy Toronto is your classic comedy club experience, where you can pair belly laughs with a satisfying meal. Whether you’re grabbing a quick bite or going all out with the buffet, it’s the perfect spot for a fun night out.

4. The Comedy Lab

Best Comedy Clubs in Toronto
Photo via @comedylab.to / Instagram 

The Comedy Lab is a unique comedy haven in the heart of the Annex, showcasing the vibrant diversity of Toronto’s comedy scene. Their commitment to representation and laid-back atmosphere makes it the perfect spot for a hilarious and thought-provoking night out.

5. Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club Toronto

Best Comedy Clubs in Toronto
Photo via @yukyukstoronto 

Yuk Yuk’s is a Toronto comedy institution, a launching pad for many famous comedians. Their stage has seen it all, from rising stars finding their funny to established pros bringing the house down.

6. Key’s Stand up Comedy Club Toronto Improv Bar and Grill

Best Comedy Clubs in Toronto
Photo via @keyscomedyclub / Instagram 

Key’s Stand up Comedy Club is where Toronto’s funniest stand-up comedians take the stage, making it the perfect spot for a hilarious date night or celebration. Even celebrity comedians drop by for surprise sets, so you never know who you might catch live!

7. Backroom Comedy Club

Best Comedy Clubs in Toronto
Photo via @backroomcomedyclub / Instagram

Hidden in the basement of Christie Pits Pub, Backroom Comedy Club is Toronto’s newest comedy haven. They serve up classic comedy club vibes with a lineup of Canada’s top talent and touring acts that’ll have you laughing ’til your sides hurt.

8. The Second City Toronto

Photo via The Second City

The Second City is more than just a comedy club but an iconic institution that has launched the careers of comedy legends for over six decades. Whether you’re catching a mainstage show or taking a class, you’re stepping into a legacy of laughter.

9. Bad Dog Comedy Studio

Photo via @baddogtheatre / Instagram 

Bad Dog Comedy Studio is the beating heart of Toronto’s improv scene, where aspiring comedians hone their craft and seasoned pros let loose. Catch a show at one of their many partner venues and experience the city’s vibrant comedy culture firsthand.

10. Comedy Nuggets

Photo via Comedy Nuggets

Comedy Nuggets is your go-to spot for a guaranteed laugh in Toronto, with a lineup of hilarious comedians that’ll have you clutching your sides. 

11. SoCap Comedy (The Social Capital)

Photo via SoCap Comedy

SoCap Comedy is a hub for Toronto’s comedy scene, offering everything from improv classes to corporate training. Their Danforth location is a go-to spot for locals and visitors alike looking for a good laugh and a welcoming atmosphere.


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