20+ Best Dessert Places in Downtown Toronto (Ontario)


We all know that feeling after a great meal: a satisfied fullness but a lingering desire for something sweet.  Luckily, Toronto’s downtown core is a haven for dessert lovers, with options to suit every craving. Whether you’re a chocoholic seeking a decadent cake, a gelato enthusiast desiring handcrafted scoops, or a bubble tea aficionado, there’s a perfect spot waiting to indulge your sweet tooth. Let’s delve into the top picks for the best dessert places in Downtown Toronto (Ontario)!

1. D Spot Dessert Cafe Toronto

Opened in 2014, D Spot quickly became the talk of the town with their innovative and mouthwatering creations.

2. Tsujiri Dundas

Best Dessert Places in Downtown Toronto
@tsujiri_bc via instagram.com

Love matcha? Then Tsujiri Dundas is your matcha paradise! This spot is all about celebrating the rich tradition of Japanese tea, with founder Tsuji Riemon’s dedication to innovation and quality evident in everything they offer. I

3. Mizzica Gelateria & Cafe

Best Dessert Places in Downtown Toronto
@mizzicagelato via instagram.com 

Mizzica Gelateria & Cafe in Downtown Toronto is a must-visit for anyone craving delicious, award-winning Italian gelato.

4. Melt n Dip

Best Dessert Places in Downtown Toronto
@meltndipcanada via instagram.com

Craving something sweet and luxurious? Melt n Dip sounds like your perfect spot. They use only the finest ingredients and 100% Belgian chocolate to create decadent treats that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and elevate your mood.

5. Sweet Jesus

Sweet Jesus is a must-try spot for an outrageous soft-serve experience in Downtown Toronto. Don’t be fooled by its small size–this place packs a punch with its industrial-chic vibes and over-the-top creations.

6. Pass The Syrup

Pass the Syrup prioritizes quality over fancy frills. They focus on using fresh, local ingredients to craft delicious treats based on time-tested recipes. Their motto? Let the flavor speak for itself!

7. The Dessert Kitchen 甜品工房

Best Dessert Places in Downtown Toronto
@dessertkitchenca via instagram.com 

This Toronto spot, founded in 2006, puts an Asian spin on classic desserts, offering a taste of Hong Kong right in Downtown Toronto.

8. La Diperie

Best Dessert Places in Downtown Toronto
@ladiperie via Instagram.com 

If you’re looking for a place to create your own sweet masterpiece, La Diperie should be your go-to spot.  They’ve been scooping up awards for their delicious ice cream, and with over 30 different dipping options made with real chocolate, the flavor combinations are endless.

9. Roselle Desserts

Craving a sweet treat that feels both familiar and exciting? Roselle Desserts might be your perfect stop. Their pastries take inspiration from classic French techniques, but with a playful twist using local flavors.

10. Bloom Cafe

Craving a taste of Japan? Look no further than Bloom Cafe! This minimalist haven in Downtown Toronto focuses on beautiful and delicious Japanese desserts.

11. Ladurée

This fancy French bakery in Downtown Toronto feels like stepping right into a Parisian cafe. Not only do they have a mind-boggling variety of macaron flavors, but they also offer afternoon tea with an elegant spread of sweet and savory treats. It’s the perfect spot for a sophisticated sugar rush.

12. Ice Creamonology

@icecreamonology via instagram.com

Planning a party? Ice Creamonology isn’t just about scooping up cones for yourself. They cater events, so you can bring their delicious, homemade ice cream to your next gathering.

13. Millie Patisserie

The Millie Story isn’t your average sugar rush stop. They take classic French pastries, known for their delicate flavors and beautiful presentation, and infuse them with exciting Japanese influences.

14. Nadège Patisserie

This charming boutique is like stepping into a chic wonderland, filled with rows of delicate macarons in every color imaginable, glistening cakes that are works of art, and flaky croissants that practically beg to be devoured.

15. Honeymoon Dessert 香港滿記甜品

Craving a taste of Hong Kong in Downtown Toronto? Honeymoon Dessert, a popular chain with roots back to 1995, might be your sweet escape.  Having exploded in popularity across Asia, they bring their unique treats to Canada, offering something new and exciting for your tastebuds.

16. Dolce Gelato

With three locations scattered around the city, it’s a familiar and beloved spot for Torontonians.  Just peek behind their glass freezers, and you’ll be greeted by a vibrant display of colours and flavours, each scoop promising a delightful escape into creamy, gelato bliss.

17. The Big Chill

The Big Chill is a Toronto institution that will bring back all those happy childhood ice cream parlour memories. 

18. Sugar Marmalade

Sugar Marmalade isn’t just a dessert shop but a place built on a love for sweet treats. They put their heart and soul into everything they create, pouring their love for life, family, and friends into every dish.

19. Arctic Bites

Ever watch those mesmerizing videos of ice cream being made right before your eyes? Arctic Bites brings that experience to life! This little shop in Downtown Toronto specializes in creating made-to-order ice cream rolls.

20. Kream Dessert

@kream_toronto via instagram.com 

Calling all pastry lovers! Kream, a dessert haven in Downtown Toronto, is famous for their insanely delicious stuffed croissant cubes, also known as cream bombs.

21. Eva’s Original Chimneys

@ogchimneys via instagram.com 

Ever craved something that’s both sweet and a little bit like a warm hug? Look no further than chimney cakes! These aren’t your average pastries. Imagine a crispy, crunchy shell on the outside, giving way to a soft, fluffy dough on the inside – like a sweet, edible cloud.


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