10+ Best Dog Parks in Toronto (Ontario)

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Does your furry friend love a good game of fetch? Meeting new puppy pals? How about sniffing out new adventures? Perfect. We’ve prepared a list of the best dog parks in Toronto. These parks offer everything to keep your pooch entertained and happy.

1. High Park Dog Off Leash Area

dog parks in Toronto.
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This park is not just about cherry blossoms; it’s a doggy playground. Between Grenadier Restaurant and High Park Zoo, there’s a leash-free zone where pups can roam free. The 8.5 acres of natural and paved trails let your pet explore and make new friends.

2. Sunnybrook Dog Park

dog parks in Toronto.
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Sunnybrook Park spans over 145 acres of serene green space, perfect for long walks with your furry friend. It boasts a vast fenced off-leash area and a special section for small dogs. Enjoy the tranquil woodlots and creeks while your pup enjoys the freedom to run and play.

3. Cherry Beach Off Leash Dog Park

dog parks in Toronto.
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Dreaming of a beach day with your pup at one of the best dog parks in Toronto? Cherry Beach Off Leash Dog Park features off-leash trails, sandy shores, and dog-friendly swimming spots. Let your dog splash in the water while you relax and enjoy the views.

4. Sherwood Park

dog parks in Toronto.
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Sherwood Park is a picturesque escape from city life for you and your fur buddy. Its off-leash area features scenic, tree-lined trails perfect for a peaceful walk. It’s among the dog parks in Toronto where you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings with your pup.

5. Etobicoke Valley Park

dog parks in Toronto.
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For a more natural adventure, check out Etobicoke Valley Park. This park offers one of the largest off-leash areas, running along a creek and into a forested zone. Whether your dog loves water, trails, or just a game of fetch, this park has it all from 8 am to 11 pm.

6. Taylor Creek Dog Park

dog parks in Toronto.
Photo via @timbit_thewestiepoo / Instagram

Taylor Creek Park offers a spacious, fenced, off-leash area where dogs can run to their heart’s content. With winding trails, dense woodlands, and a flowing creek, it’s one of the must-visit dog parks in Toronto.

7. Sir Casimir Gzowski Dog Park

dog parks in Toronto.
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This park combines history with fun for your dog. Open from 7 am to 10 pm, it’s mostly covered in sand, providing a unique terrain for your pup. Enjoy the lakefront view and the historic monument while your dog plays off-leash.

8. Stanley Off-Leash Dog Park South

dog parks in Toronto.
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Stanley Park is perfect for small dogs and those seeking a quieter spot. The fenced-off area allows your dog to run safely while you relax on the grass or sandy area. Visit on a Sunday morning for a peaceful experience.

9. Cedarvale Park Off-Leash Area

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Cedarvale Park offers sprawling open spaces and wooded trails. You can also find a nearby ravine. It’s one of the popular dog parks in Toronto, where you can enjoy off-leash freedom in a safe, fenced-in environment.

10. Trinity Bellwoods Park Dog Bowl

Photo via @quincy.the.silken / Instagram 

A favourite among Toronto dog owners, Trinity Bellwoods offers a grassy off-leash area with a water fountain. Dogs will also love to play in the rolling hills and sandy areas. The splash pool is ideal for hot summer days, making it a fun and refreshing outing for your pup.

11. G. Ross Lord Dog Park

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An outdoor haven for dogs and their owners, G. Ross Lord Park boasts a large off-leash area with meandering trails, diverse terrains, and even serene ponds. It’s the perfect setting for off-leash adventures and exploring nature with your furry friend.


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