10+ Best Halal Restaurants in Toronto (Ontario)

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Toronto’s diverse food scene offers a world of flavours, but finding delicious halal options can sometimes feel like a challenge. Whether you’re craving juicy kebabs, flavourful curries, or a satisfying burger, there are fantastic halal restaurants waiting to be discovered. Dive into our list of the best halal restaurants in Toronto and prepare for a culinary adventure!

1. Shah’s Halal Food

Best Halal Restaurants in Toronto
@shahshalalfood via instagram.com 

Shah’s Halal prioritizes delivering an exceptional customer experience alongside authentic and certified Halal cuisine. Founded in 2005 with a single food truck, Shah’s Halal Food’s journey culminated in their first brick-and-mortar location opening in Long Island, NY, in 2016.

2. The Halal Guys

Best Halal Restaurants in Toronto
@thehalalguys via instagram.com 

Established in New York City, The Halal Guys is a restaurant concept specializing in American Halal Food. They boast a unique flavor profile that blends Middle Eastern and Mediterranean influences, featuring perfectly seasoned, high-quality halal meats.

3. Almadina Bistro: halal Pizzeria

Best Halal Restaurants in Toronto
@almadinabistro via instagram.com 

Located at 10 Edward Street in Toronto, Almadina Bistro is a family-run restaurant specializing in halal cuisine. Their menu boasts a variety of familiar favorites like pizzas, burgers, and cheesesteaks, alongside tempting desserts.

4. Charcoal Kebab House

Best Halal Restaurants in Toronto
@charcoalkebabhouse via instagram.com 

Established in 2012, Charcoal Kebab House specializes in Uyghur cuisine, a regional Chinese food tradition hailing from Xinjiang province. They focus on charcoal-grilled lamb and chicken kebabs, alongside other Uyghur specialties like langman (hand-pulled noodles) and manta (dumplings). 

5. Umi’s Kitchen: Halal Caribbean Food

Best Halal Restaurants in Toronto
@umiskitchen01 via instagram.com 

Umi’s Kitchen is a casual Toronto eatery specializing in traditional, homestyle Caribbean and island cuisine. This small and easygoing restaurant offers a welcoming atmosphere for those seeking comforting and flavorful dishes.

6. Karahi Boys

Best Halal Restaurants in Toronto
@karahiboys via instagram.com 

Karahi Boys is a halal Pakistani restaurant in Toronto that specializes in bringing diners the taste of Pakistan through traditional recipes. Their namesake dish, the karahi, is a central focus.


Best Halal Restaurants in Toronto
@naan.kabob via instagram.com 

Naan Kabob is a Toronto restaurant inspired by the owner’s family heritage and the flavours of the spice route.  This family-run establishment draws influence from Afghanistan, Canada, India, and other countries along the historical trade route.

8. Sizzler Kabab

Photo Credit: @torontofoodsnob via instagram.com 

Sizzler Kabab is a Toronto restaurant specializing in high-quality Indian cuisine.  Their experienced chefs take pride in reviving classic Indian recipes with a modern twist. 

9. The Halal Stop

@thehalalstopto via instagram.com 

Established in October 2022, The Halal Stop is a Toronto restaurant passionate about serving high-quality, fresh halal cuisine. With years of experience in the restaurant industry, their focus is on providing exceptional customer service and delicious food.

10. Paramount Middle Eastern Kitchen

@paramountfinefoodsofficial via instagram.com 

Paramount Fine Foods is a Middle Eastern restaurant chain with a global presence, boasting over 70 locations worldwide. Founded in Mississauga, Ontario, they take pride in sharing the rich cultural heritage of the Middle East through design, cuisine, and warm hospitality.

11. Lahore Grill & Fast Food Halal Restaurant

@lahoregrill via instagram.com 

Lahore Grill & Fast Food Halal Restaurant is a Toronto establishment specializing in Pakistani cuisine with a focus on quick and convenient service. Their menu features a variety of halal meat options like kababs and curries, alongside vegetarian selections and classic fast food items. They also offer popular sides like paratha flatbreads and traditional rice dishes.


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