10+ Best Outdoor Swimming Pools in Toronto (Ontario)

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All right, fellow water babies. Summer’s in full swing, and if you’re in Toronto and looking to beat the heat, you’re in for a treat! Forget boring indoor pools, we’re talking about the best outdoor swimming pools in Toronto that’ll have you feeling those vacay vibes without leaving the city. So grab your sunscreen, shades, and coolest swimsuit – we’re diving into the ultimate list of where to take a dip in the 6ix.

1. Sunnyside – Gus Ryder Outdoor Pool

A Toronto classic with a lakeside view, Sunnyside/Gus Ryder Outdoor Pool is the spot to soak up the sun and splash around. Whether you’re taking a dip after work or mastering the backstroke in a morning lesson, this pool’s got you covered.

2. High Park Outdoor Pool

High Park Outdoor Pool is a classic Toronto summer hangout. It’s nestled in the city’s beloved High Park, so you can pair your swim with a nature walk or picnic in the park. Its size means plenty of room to splash around and soak up the sun.

3. Parkway Forest Outdoor Pool

Parkway Forest Outdoor Pool is the go-to spot for families and friends seeking a day filled with aquatic adventures and fun in the sun. With its prime location near a community center and playground, the possibilities for summer excitement are endless!

4. Giovanni Caboto Outdoor Pool

Giovanni Caboto is your go-to spot when you want more than just a swim. They’ve got the whole summer fun package wrapped up with a pool, rink, fields, and even a kiddie pool for the little ones. Talk about a one-stop shop for summer fun!

5. Donald D Summerville Olympic Pool

Situated on the beach at Woodbine Park, Donald D. Summerville Outdoor Olympic Pool complex offers visitors a unique swimming experience. Their facilities include a 50-metre Olympic-sized pool, a 25-metre training pool, and a separate diving pool with 5 and 10-metre platforms.

6. Greenwood Park Swimming Pool

Greenwood Park Outdoor Pool, situated within the expansive Greenwood Park, offers a 35-meter shallow pool ideal for leisurely swims and family fun. Visitors can also enjoy the spacious pool deck, raised seating area, and the park’s various amenities, including sports fields, a playground, and a unique covered outdoor rink.

7. Monarch Park Outdoor Pool

Monarch Park Outdoor Pool is a recreational facility located within the lush greenery of Monarch Park. It boasts a 25-meter pool with a diving area, a two-story waterslide, and ample seating for relaxation, making it a popular destination for families and water enthusiasts alike.

8. Alex Duff Memorial Pool

Nestled on the edge of Christie Pits Park, Alex Duff Outdoor Pool offers a variety of aquatic experiences. The pool features multiple areas catering to swimmers of all ages and abilities, including a 25m lap pool with an access ramp, a diving pool with a springboard, and a two-story water slide.

9. Pine Point Park Outdoor Pool

Nestled within the scenic Pine Point Park in Etobicoke York, this outdoor pool offers a refreshing escape from the city heat. Its convenient location and inviting atmosphere make it a popular destination for families and individuals seeking summer fun in the sun.

10. Park Lawn Outdoor Pool

Park Lawn Outdoor Pool offers a refreshing escape within a sprawling park setting. Visitors can enjoy swimming alongside amenities like a ball diamond, sports field, tennis courts, and a playground.

11. Amos Waites Park Outdoor Pool

Amos Waites Park Outdoor Pool is a popular outdoor swimming facility located in Toronto, Canada. It offers a refreshing escape with its lakefront location and amenities for all ages.


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