10+ Best Places to Eat Churros in Toronto (Ontario)

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Craving those crispy, cinnamon-sugary delights that transport you straight to the streets of Spain? Look no further! Toronto’s vibrant food scene has you covered, with a mouthwatering array of churro havens scattered throughout the city. Whether you’re a churro connoisseur or a curious newbie, join me as we dive into the 10+ best places to eat churros in Toronto (Ontario), where each bite promises a sweet escape.

1. Pancho’ s Bakery

best places to eat churros in Toronto
Photo via @panchosbakery / Instagram

At Pancho’s Bakery, they don’t just serve churros; they share a taste of Mexico’s rich culinary heritage. Every bite of their freshly made, perfectly crisp churros is a sweet reminder that sometimes, the best things in life are simple, authentic, and meant to be shared.

2. Choco Churros

best places to eat churros in Toronto
Photo via @chocochurross / Instagram

At Choco Churros, they believe in “fresh churros, always made on the spot.” This family-owned gem in the heart of downtown Toronto delivers warm, authentic churros that practically melt in your mouth.

3. El Charro

best places to eat churros in Toronto
Photo via @elcharrotoronto / Instagram

Bringing the vibrant flavors of Mexico to Toronto since 2016, this churro hotspot offers an authentic culinary experience. Their commitment to tradition shines through in each crispy bite, making it a must-visit for churro lovers and Mexican food enthusiasts alike.

4. Leña Restaurante

best places to eat churros in Toronto
Photo via @lenarestaurante / Instagram

At Leña Restaurante, they’ve elevated the classic churro to an art form, infusing it with South American flair. It’s the perfect sweet ending to a meal brimming with vibrant flavors and warm hospitality.

5. Casa Del Churro

best places to eat churros in Toronto
Phoot via Casa Del Churro

They call it Toronto’s best churros for a reason – Casa Del Churro’s got that fresh-out-the-fryer crispiness and fluffy goodness down pat. Pair ’em with classic hot chocolate or get wild with their fun flavors – it’s a fiesta in your mouth, no matter the time of day!

6. La Carnita

best places to eat churros in Toronto
Photo via @la_carnita / Instagram

La Carnita got the perfect combo of street-style vibes and mouthwatering churros that’ll make you want to stay awhile. Trust us, it’s the kind of place where you can kick back, indulge in a sweet treat, and let the good times roll.

7. Añejo Restaurant

Photo via @anejorestaurant / Instagram

Añejo’s perfectly crisp exterior gives way to a warm, soft center, all dusted with a generous coating of cinnamon sugar – the ideal companion to your margarita.

8. Churros 92

Photo via @churros92toronto / Instagram

Churros 92 tempts taste buds with its authentic, made-to-order churros, showcasing both classic and creative flavors. A haven for churro enthusiasts, they also offer refreshing ice cream and smoothies to complement your sweet indulgence.

9. Amigo’s Latin Flavour

Photo by @thehazelnutella / Instagram

Amigo’s Latin Flavour isn’t just a bistro, it’s a churro lover’s paradise. Their made-to-order churros, crafted from a cherished family recipe, have earned them the reputation of serving the best churros in Canada.

10. MarJo Bakery

Photo via MarJo Bakery

MarJo, a family-run North York gem, delights with its handcrafted cakes and pastries, each infused with French baking techniques and a passion for quality ingredients. Their churros, made from scratch without preservatives, offer a taste of European indulgence right in Toronto.

11. El Pocho 

Photo via @elpochobar / Instagram

El Pocho Antojitos Bar elevates the humble churro to an art form, offering them warm, perfectly crisp, and paired with rich dulce de leche for dipping. It’s a must-visit for anyone seeking authentic Mexican flavours and a taste of churro perfection in Toronto.


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