10+ Best Places to Eat Croissants in Toronto (Ontario)

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Craving that perfect, buttery flakiness in Toronto? You’re in luck! This city is a croissant lover’s paradise, with a bakery on practically every corner. But finding the best places to eat croissants in Toronto can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve rounded up our top picks, from classic French patisseries to innovative spots putting their own spin on this beloved pastry. Get ready to indulge in a croissant adventure that’ll satisfy your cravings and leave you wanting more.

1. ‘Le Beau’ Croissanterie

best places to eat croissants in Toronto
Photo via @lebeaulab / Instagram

Le Beau Croissanterie is a haven for croissant enthusiasts, offering a tempting array of freshly baked laminated dough creations. Their dedication to quality shines through in each buttery, flaky bite, ensuring a truly delightful pastry experience.

2. Absolute Bakery & Cafe

A staple for over a decade, Absolute Bakery is a family-run establishment specializing in French-style pastries and cakes. Their menu extends beyond croissants, offering delectable churros that perfectly balance crispy exteriors with soft, doughy centers.

3. Geste croissanterie & bistro

best places to eat croissants in Toronto
Photo via @geste_croissanterie / Instagram

Geste has evolved from a bakery into a bistro and boulangerie, offering both classic favorites and lunch options. Their выпечка (vypechka, meaning ‘baked goods’) are prepared by classically trained French chefs, Virgyl Fernandes and Bikramjit Singh Chadha.

4. Bonjour Brioche

best places to eat croissants in Toronto
Photo via @bonjour_brioche / Instagram

Bonjour Brioche is the place to go for a taste of France. Their bustling cafe offers classic croissants, quiches, and sandwiches that will transport you to Paris with every bite.

5. Au Pain Doré Café/Boulangerie

best places to eat croissants in Toronto
Photo via @aupaindorecafe / Instagram

Au Pain Doré Café offers a taste of France with its freshly baked, golden-brown churros. Their warm, crispy exterior and soft, fluffy interior make them a delightful treat for any churro enthusiast seeking an authentic experience.

5. Nord Lyon

best places to eat croissants in Toronto
Photo via @nord_lyon / Instagram

Nord Lyon transports you to the heart of France, right in the middle of Toronto. Their croissants, handcrafted with traditional techniques and premium ingredients, offer an authentic taste of French patisserie at its finest.

6. La Boulangerie

best places to eat croissants in Toronto
Photo via @laboulangeriedundas / Instagram

La Boulangerie Dundas offers more than just delectable churros, their bakery case is filled with a wide array of pastries and baked goods perfect for any occasion. 

7. Bisou.to

Photo via @conci.to / Instagram

At Bisou (Le Conciliabule Lab), they believe in the power of food to bring people together. Their French-inspired baked goods and warm ambiance create a welcoming space to enjoy a delicious pastry and savor the moment.

8. Fleur du Jour

Photo via @fleurdujourpatisserie / Instagram

At Fleur du Jour, authenticity meets craftsmanship. Their churros are handcrafted from scratch daily, ensuring a taste of Paris with every bite.

9. Forno Cultura

Photo via @fornocultura / Instagram

Forno Cultura delights locals with authentic Italian pastries crafted with care from premium, natural ingredients. Their churros are a must-try for those seeking a taste of Italy’s finest baked goods in Toronto.

10. Emmer

Photo via @emmertoronto / Instagram

A cozy haven for churro enthusiasts, this bakery works tirelessly to offer freshly baked treats throughout the day. Due to limited space and a dynamic baking schedule, their menu may vary, but the anticipation is part of the charm.

11. Jules Cafe Patisserie

Photo via @julescafeto / Instagram

Jules Cafe Patisserie welcomes guests with a cozy atmosphere and the aroma of freshly baked French pastries. Their menu offers classic viennoiseries like pain au chocolat and brioche, along with savory options like salads and croque monsieur for a satisfying meal.


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