10+ Best Places to Eat Japanese Desserts in Toronto (Ontario)

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If you’re like us and can’t resist a good matcha moment or mochi madness, then Toronto’s your sweet spot! Whether you’re #TeamMochi, a dorayaki devotee, or all about that matcha ice cream life, we’ve scoped out the best places to eat Japanese desserts in Toronto that’ll have you saying, “Oishii!” 

1. Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake

Best Places to Eat Japanese Desserts in Toronto
Photo via @uncletetsucanada / Instagram

Remember those jiggly cheesecakes that took over your Insta feed? That’s Uncle Tetsu! Their fluffy, cloud-like cheesecakes are a must-try. Perfect for satisfying those late-night cravings!

2. Tsujiri

Best Places to Eat Japanese Desserts in Toronto
Photo via @tsujiri_bc / Instagram 

Matcha addicts, this is your haven. Their parfaits are loaded with goodies like mochi, ice cream, and even chestnuts. Get ready to matcha overload!

3. Daan Go Cake Lab

Best Places to Eat Japanese Desserts in Toronto
Photo via @daangocakelab / Instagram 

This spot is a fusion wonderland. They’ve got everything from black sesame lattes to yuzu cheesecakes. Their mango sticky rice kakigori is the perfect summer treat! 

4. Hattendo

Best Places to Eat Japanese Desserts in Toronto
Photo via @hattendocanada / Instagram 

Ever had a cream bun that practically melts in your mouth? Hattendo’s are the OG! Their custard and cream-filled buns are worth the hype. 

5. Fuwa Fuwa Dessert Cafe

Best Places to Eat Japanese Desserts in Toronto
Photo via @fuwafuwapancakes / Instagram 

Prepare for a cloud-like experience! Fuwa Fuwa (meaning “fluffy fluffy”) lives up to its name with its signature soufflé pancakes. Light as air and impossibly jiggly, these delicate creations are topped with seasonal fruit, whipped cream, and other sweet treats. 

6. Hitotoki Bakery

Best Places to Eat Japanese Desserts
Photo via Hitotoki Bakery

This Japanese bakery is a hidden gem tucked away in North York. Their freshly baked breads and pastries are a testament to authentic Japanese flavors. Don’t miss their matcha cream bun, a soft pillow of dough filled with creamy matcha custard.

7. Tsuchi Cafe

Photo via @tsuchi.cafe / Instagram

A minimalist haven for coffee and dessert lovers, Tsuchi Cafe offers a serene atmosphere to enjoy their Japanese-inspired creations. Their matcha latte is a work of art, and their hojicha (roasted green tea) ice cream is a unique twist on a classic flavor.

8. Fluffy Fluffy Dessert Cafe

Photo via @fluffyfluffydesserts / Instagram

Another contender in the soufflé pancake game, Fluffy Fluffy delivers on the fluffy promise. Their extensive menu features a variety of sweet and savory soufflé pancake options, from classic to creative. The mango soufflé pancake is a summer favorite, while the matcha azuki is a timeless classic.

9. Chubbi Rice (Toronto location)

Photo via @chubbirice / Instagram

While known for their delightful mochi donuts, Chubbi Rice also offers a selection of Japanese desserts like kakigori (shaved ice) and daifuku (mochi filled with sweet bean paste). Their flavors are playful and often seasonal, making each visit a surprise.

10. MOFU Japanese bakery

Photo via @mofu_usagi_sand / Instagram

MOFU is a local favorite for its authentic Japanese baked goods. Their melon pan (a type of sweet bun) is a must-try, with its crispy cookie-like exterior and fluffy interior. They also offer a variety of Japanese desserts, like dorayaki (sweet bean paste pancakes) and anmitsu (a jelly dessert).

11. Kanae Cafe

Photo via @kanaecafe_ca) / Instagram 

Combining Japanese and French influences, Kanae Cafe offers an elegant dessert experience. Their pastries are visually stunning, with delicate flavors and textures. The yuzu tart is a refreshing highlight, while the matcha opera cake is a rich and decadent treat.


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