15+ Best Restaurants in East York (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

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It doesn’t matter if you live in East York or are just passing through – there’s something delicious for everyone.  We’re talking cozy cafes with perfect lattes, all the way up to fancy restaurants that’ll satisfy your taste buds. Here are the 15+ best restaurants in East York that will not disappoint your cravings. 

1. Barque Smokehouse

best restaurants in East York
@barquebbq via instagram.com

Barque Smokehouse is a paradise for barbecue lovers. Known for its smoky, tender ribs and brisket, this spot also offers a range of delicious sides. 

2. Batifole

best restaurants in East York
@batifole_bistronomy via instagram.com

For a taste of France in East York, Batifole is your go-to bistro. Serving classic French dishes like duck confit and escargot, it brings Parisian charm to the neighborhood. 

3. Café Belong

best restaurants in East York
Photo credit: @jhleef (Photo via @cafebelong)

Café Belong emphasizes farm-to-table dining. Their menu features locally sourced ingredients, creating wholesome and delicious dishes that reflect the seasons.

  • 550 Bayview Ave Evergreen Brick Works
  • 416-901-8234

4. Cumin Kitchen

best restaurants in East York
@cumintoronto via instagram.com

Cumin Kitchen offers a delightful array of Indian dishes with a modern twist. Known for its rich curries and flavorful naan, it’s a favorite among locals seeking authentic Indian cuisine. 

5. Danforth Dragon

This family-run restaurant specializes in both Chinese and Thai cuisine. Danforth Dragon is celebrated for its generous portions and affordable prices, making it a popular spot for takeout and dine-in. Their menu includes everything from spicy Thai curries to classic Chinese stir-fries.

6. Fearless Meat

best restaurants in East York
Photo credit: @beachmetro (Photo via @fearlessmeat)

Fearless Meat combines gourmet burgers with a playful, casual dining experience. Known for its juicy patties and creative toppings, this burger joint is a hit for kids and adults. 

7. Gio Rana’s Really Really Nice Restaurant

@thenosegios via instagram.com

Often referred to as “The Nose” due to its distinctive decor, Gio Rana’s offers an eclectic menu of Italian-inspired dishes. Their gnocchi and tiramisu are must-tries​.

8. Jawny Bakers

@jawnybakersrestaurant via instagram.com

A neighborhood favorite, Jawny Bakers offers a diverse menu ranging from comfort foods to more sophisticated fare. Its welcoming ambiance makes it one of the best restaurants in East York ideal for family meals and casual outings. 

9. Mexitaco

@mexitacotoronto via instagram.com

Mexitaco brings the flavors of Mexico to East York with its authentic tacos, burritos, and enchiladas. The casual setting and friendly service make it an excellent spot for a quick and satisfying meal. 

10. Off the Hook Fishbar

@offthehookfishbar via instagram.com

For seafood lovers, Off the Hook Fishbar offers fresh, sustainably sourced fish and chips, along with other seafood specialties. The laid-back vibe and quality ingredients make it one of the best restaurants in East York. 

11. Pomarosa

Photo credit: @januyasotharan (Photo via pomarosa_to)

Pomarosa blends the best of Italian and Venezuelan cuisines, offering everything from arepas to pasta. The cozy atmosphere and unique menu make it a must-visit for foodies looking to try something new. 

12. Pantheon Greek Restaurant

Photo credit: @toohungrytohandle (Photo via @pantheogreekrestaurant)

Pantheon Greek Restaurant is known for its Greek and Mediterranean dishes and live music, creating a lively and engaging dining experience. Their party platter is a favorite​ among many, making it one of the best restaurants in East York.

13. Bamiyan Kabob

@bamiyankabob via instagram.com

One of the best restaurants in East York focusing on comfort food, Bamiyan Kabob serves classic dishes with a contemporary twist. It’s a great place for brunch, lunch, or dinner, with a welcoming neighborhood feel. 

14. The Wren

@thewrendanforth via instagram.com

The Wren is a gastropub offering a rotating selection of craft beers and a menu of hearty pub fare. The rustic decor and friendly atmosphere make it a favorite for locals and visitors. 

  • 1382 Danforth Ave.
  • 647-748-1382

15. ViVetha Bistro

@vivethabistro via instagram.com

ViVetha Bistro offers a blend of European and Canadian dishes, emphasizing fresh ingredients and elegant presentation. The brunch menu, in particular, is highly praised for its variety and flavor. 

16. Zante Bistro

@zantegreekbistro via instagram.com

Zante Bistro specializes in Greek cuisine, offering traditional dishes like souvlaki and moussaka. The casual yet cozy setting makes it a perfect spot for enjoying a taste of the Mediterranean. 

Whether you’re in the mood for a gourmet burger, authentic Indian curry, or classic French cuisine, the best restaurants in East York have you covered. Each spot offers something unique, ensuring that every dining experience is memorable. 


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