15+ Best Restaurants in Little Italy (Toronto, Ontario)

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Little Italy in Toronto is a culinary hotspot, offering a delightful mix of traditional Italian eateries and diverse international cuisine. From classic trattorias to innovative spots, here’s a guide to 15+ best restaurants in Little Italy that you should check out.

1. Bar Isabel

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Bar Isabel is known as one of the best restaurants in Little Italy for its Spanish-inspired dishes. The ambiance is rustic and cozy, perfect for enjoying their famous grilled octopus or roasted bone marrow. It’s a perfect place for a romantic date night or friend gatherings.

2. DaiLo

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DaiLo brings a unique twist to Little Italy with its blend of French and Chinese cuisines. The inventive dishes and tasting menus showcase the creative fusion of flavors, making it a top pick for foodies looking for something different.

3. La Palma

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La Palma offers modern Italian cuisine in a bright, stylish setting making it one of the best restaurants in Little Italy. Their 100-layer lasagna and cacio e pepe pizza are standout items that reflect their contemporary take on traditional dishes. 

4. Sotto Voce Wine & Pasta Bar

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Sotto Voce is a classic choice for Italian dining. Known for its extensive wine list and traditional pasta dishes, this cozy wine and pasta bar is a favorite for casual meals and special occasions.

5. Cafe Diplomatico Restaurant & Pizzeria

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Known affectionately as “The Dip,” Cafe Diplomatico has been a neighborhood staple since 1968. It’s ideal for a casual meal or coffee, and its extensive menu includes everything from pizza to brunch options.

6. Trattoria Taverniti

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For those seeking elevated pub fare, Trattoria Taverniti offers a diverse menu and a wide range of drinks. The pizzas, pastas, and wines are perfect for sharing, and the patio is an excellent spot for summer evenings.

7. Ramen Isshin

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Ramen Isshin offers rich, flavorful bowls of authentic Japanese ramen. The original College Street location remains a favorite among locals for its consistent quality and warm ambiance.

8. Chiado Restaurant

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Chiado Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Little Italy that has served the community for decades. In its laid-back, welcoming atmosphere, you can enjoy Portuguese cuisines, red wines, and tapas.

9. Dolce Gelato

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For a sweet treat, Dolce Gelato is the go-to place. They offer various gelato flavors, all made with high-quality ingredients, and they provide a perfect end to any meal in Little Italy.

10. Vivoli

Photo credit: @torontomusteats (Photo via @torontovivoli)

Vivoli is renowned for its wood-fired pizzas and a wide selection of Italian dishes. It’s an excellent spot for a family dinner or a night out with friends, offering a lively atmosphere and delicious food.

11. The Fourth Man in the Fire Pizzeria

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This pizzeria is known for its American-style pizzas with creative toppings. Their in-house fresh doughnuts are also a hit, making it a popular spot for pizza lovers and sweet tooth lovers.

12. Fonda Balam

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Fonda Balam started as a popup and has become a staple in the neighborhood for its exceptional birria tacos. Co-created by celebrity chef Matty Matheson, their diverse menu includes fish and carnitas tacos, perfect for those craving Mexican flavors.

13. Hapa Izakaya

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Hapa Izakaya is one of the best restaurants in Little Italy with a refined menu of traditional dishes. With its elegant setting and top-notch cuisine, it’s an excellent choice for a romantic dinner or a special occasion.

14. Starving Artist

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Known for its waffle-based dishes, Starving Artist offers a fun and unique dining experience. From waffle grilled cheese to dessert waffles, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this quirky spot.

15. Sisters & Co

Photo credit: @samslittlebites (Photo via @sistersandco_restaurant)

This cozy brunch spot offers Asian-inspired breakfast dishes like Bulgogi Beef Benedict. Run by three best friends, it feels like a home away from home, making it a perfect place for a relaxed brunch with friends or family.

16. Quetzal

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Quetzal offers upscale Mexican cuisine and has earned a Michelin star for its exceptional food. Their tasting menu features house-made tortillas and gourmet delights, providing a culinary journey that is to be noticed.

From traditional Italian eateries to innovative fusion spots, the best restaurants in Little Italy that offer a vibrant atmosphere and delicious dishes that make this neighborhood a must-visit for any foodie.


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