15+ Best Restaurants in North York (Ontario, Canada) 

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If you’re a fan of sizzling Korean BBQ, crave mouth-watering Italian pasta, or have a sweet tooth for decadent desserts, let me introduce you to some of the best restaurants in North York. Nestled in the northern part of Toronto, it’s where you can find cozy little cafes perfect for a lazy Sunday brunch or upscale dining spots where every meal feels like a celebration. The food scene is diverse, blending traditional flavours with modern twists.

1. Paese Ristorante

Best Restaurants in North York
@paeseristorante via instagram.com

Love Italian food with a Canadian twist? Paese Ristorante is a cozy spot that has been serving handmade, Italian-inspired dishes for over 25 years. And the wine list? It’s a dream come true for wine lovers, with plenty of affordable options.

2. Casa Manila

Best Restaurants in North York
@casamanilaca via instagram.com

This place is a Filipino food haven with an extensive menu that’ll leave you spoiled for choice, like adobo, pork sisig, kare-kare, and more. Don’t miss their Kamayan feast, where you eat right off a banana leaf with your hands. It’s a messy, delicious adventure.

3. Daldongnae 

Best Restaurants in North York
Photo credit: @richardjwtang (Photo via @daldongnae)

Daldongnae in North York is a must-visit for Korean BBQ. They serve delicious BBQs, stews, and hotpots. Plus, they have vegan options so that everyone can join the feast.

4. Konjiki Ramen

Known for their incredible clam-based broth, Konjiki Ramen offers a unique and intense flavour experience. Try their Signature Clam Intense Shoyu Ramen, the Lobster Ramen, or the Spicy Miso.

5. EAT BKK Thai Kitchen & Bar

Best Restaurants in North York
@eatbkkto via instagram.com

Eat BKK combines Thai street food with contemporary dishes. The lively atmosphere and friendly staff make it perfect for a fun night out. And you’ll enjoy their Pad Thai, red curry,  and signature cocktails. It’s definitely one of the must-try restaurants in North York for Thai food lovers.

6. Mantra by Host

Best Restaurants in North York
@mantrabyhost via instagram.com

Mantra by Host brings you classic Indian dishes with a modern twist. Their innovative touches make this one of the best restaurants in North York. The monthly specials, featuring different Indian states, keep the menu exciting and fresh.

7. Pizzeria Libretto

@pizzerialibretto via instagram.com

Pizzeria Libretto can be your next favourite spot if you’re a pizza lover. They serve authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas with simple, high-quality ingredients. With vegan options and delivery services, it’s perfect for everyone.

8. Katsuya

@katsuya_canada via instagram.com

Do you miss the taste and crunch of katsu? Katsuya’s perfectly breaded and fried pork cutlets are a hit every time. For a satisfying meal, go for the Sweet Potato Cheese Katsu or the Katsuya Original with their house-made sauce.

9. Parcheggio

@parcheggioto via instagram.com

Parcheggio’s menu highlights Italian comfort food. From pasta to steaks, their menu is packed with delicious options. The cozy atmosphere makes it one of the top restaurants in North York for a relaxed meal.

  • www.parcheggio.ca 
  • Parking Lot, South, 2901 Bayview Ave #300, North York 
  • +1 647-943-6780 

10. Auberge du Pommier

@aubergedupommier via instagram.com

This charming French restaurant blends traditional fare with North American flavours. It is set in two 1860s woodcutters’ cottages and offers a rustic, cozy ambiance. In the summer, enjoy dining on their lush, floral terrace.

11. Nomé Izakaya

Photo credit: @fitnessgirlshorts (Photo via @nomeizakaya)

Nomé Izakaya is perfect for sharing Japanese dishes and fresh seafood. They offer a modern take on traditional Japanese cuisine. Their oyster bar and unique Asian fusion dishes are a must-try.

12. TORA

Combining state-of-the-art technology with traditional Japanese roots, TORA offers a unique dining experience. Their sushi concierge system delivers food directly to your table, making for a fun and interactive meal. It’s a must-visit among Japanese restaurants in North York for a cozy and delicious meal.

13. The Veggie Thali

@veggiethali via instagram.com

For healthy Indian food, The Veggie Thali is the spot. They offer a cozy setting and a menu full of flavourful vegetarian dishes. Try their vegan sev puri or the authentic Indian thali for a wholesome and delicious meal.

  • 1410 Victoria Park Ave, North York 
  • +1 416-285-8344 

14. Lara’s Restaurant

Lara’s brings Armenian and Lebanese flavours to North York. Their signature kebob platter and tabbouleh are must-tries. The warm atmosphere reflects their Armenian and Mediterranean hospitality.

15. Han Ba Tang

via hanbatang.ca 

This small yet inviting spot serves Korean fusion comfort food with a twist. Try the braised grilled pork hock or the fan-favourite kimchi fries with bulgogi. Pair your meal with their refreshing white sangria. It’s a fantastic choice among restaurants in North York for a hearty and satisfying meal.

16. Via Cibo

@viacibo via instagram.com

Via Cibo offers Italian street food in a modern space. From flatbread pizzas to pasta, their menu is packed with tasty options. For a sweet treat, don’t miss their lemon blueberry pancake, bomboloni, or tiramisu French toast.


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