10+ Best Roti Restaurants in Toronto (Ontario) 

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Are you a fan of the classic curry-stuffed variety? Or do you love some twists? No matter how you want to eat roti, it’s a comfort food that brings joy with every bite. We love how it perfectly balances hearty fillings with that tender, flaky bread or the burst of spices and flavours it offers. As you imagine a warm, soft roti, perfectly stuffed with savoury goodness, don’t miss some of the top roti restaurants in Toronto. We guarantee a unique take on this beloved dish.

1. Bombay Roti

Best Roti Restaurants in Toronto
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Craving some delicious Indian flavors in the form of roti? As one of the top roti restaurants in Toronto, Bombay Roti offers a variety of mouthwatering options, like vegetarian, seafood, lamb, or chicken. 

2. Indar’s Roti & Doubles

Best Roti Restaurants in Toronto
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Indar’s specialises in West Indian delights like the roti made from scratch. Choose from plain paratha or dhal puri roti stuffed with seasoned yellow split peas before hitting the grill. 

3. Roti Mahal

Roti Mahal is your go-to for East Indian takeout. It features 18 types of roti, including the fan-favourite butter chicken-stuffed roti. Vegetarian or non-vegetarian, they’ve got it all. Try the paneer jalfrezi roti for a delicious twist.

4. The Roti Hut

Best Roti Restaurants in Toronto
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For decades, The Roti Hut has been serving West Indian favourites like dhal puri and paratha roti, doubles, and jerk chicken. The silky dhal puri roti, filled with seasoned yellow split peas, is a must-try. 

5. Mona’s Roti

Best Roti Restaurants in Toronto
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Mona’s is all about handmade goodness, offering dahlpuri and paratha roti, including whole wheat options. Choose from options like curry potato, chickpeas, pumpkin, or spicy curry mango for a veggie delight. It’s among the must-visit roti restaurants in Toronto for freshness and flavour. 

6. My Roti Place

Best Roti Restaurants in Toronto
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At My Roti Place, you can build your own roti starting with your choice of flatbread—traditional white, turmeric, or multi-grain—all made in-house. It’s one of the best roti restaurants in Toronto, where you can customise your perfect roti. 

7. Matha Roti

Best Roti Restaurants in Toronto
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Matha Roti serves homestyle Indian curries in rotis, with everything made from scratch. Unique touches like fresh bell pepper in butter chicken and fusion items like Hakka chili roti make for a one-of-a-kind flavor experience. 

8. Island Foods

Island Foods lets you customise your roti with your choice of veggie or meat curry wrapped in a dhalpuri roti. Add extra veggies for a boost, and don’t forget their homemade hot sauce for that perfect kick. 

9. Mother India Roti

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Mother India serves some of Toronto’s best Indian food, specialising in fresh North Indian curries wrapped in large, warm roti shells. Also, try their delicious biryanis or the vegetarian Eggplant Potato Curry. 

10. Ali’s Roti

Ali’s Roti, one of the longest-running roti restaurants in Toronto, offers an incredible variety of roti, from pumpkin and spinach to curry fish and conch. With over 20 years of experience, their Trinidadian food is a must-try. 

11. Roti Roti

@rotiroti.restaurant via instagram.com

This family-owned spot is famous for its Trinidadian cuisine, including scratch-made dhal puri roti. The classic boneless curry goat roti or the juicy shrimp in Madras-style curry are just some of the tasty options. 

  • 979 Albion Rd, Etobicoke 
  • +1 416-745-9208 


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