10+ Best Snack Bars in Toronto (Ontario)

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Toronto’s snack bar scene is popping off, offering everything from savoury sliders and gourmet nachos to artisanal cheeses and exotic nibbles. These spots are vibrant hangouts where you can catch up with friends, enjoy your favourite drinks, or even people-watch while you munch. Plus, they’re usually easier on the wallet, so you can try more without breaking the bank. And we’re delighted to reveal some of the best snack bars in Toronto.

1. 416 Snack Bar

Photo via @416snackbar / Instagram 

416 Snack Bar features dim lighting and smooth R&B tunes. As one of the best snack bars in Toronto, expect a rotating menu of exquisite bites, each crafted to be enjoyed sans cutlery, representing the vibrant cultural makeup of Toronto.

2. Pinkerton Snack Bar

Photo via @pinkertonsnackbar and @mark_dunsmuir / Instagram 

Pinkerton’s Asian-infused bar snacks are a must-try, like the tofu salad and braised pork neck on a kimchi pancake. Local craft beers dominate the drink menu, keeping it authentically Torontonian.

3. Bar Raval

Photo via @bar_raval / Instagram 

Open from morning till late, Bar Raval offers a cozy, standing-room-only atmosphere. Enjoy traditional Spanish drinks and a diverse array of bold cocktails in this Gaudí-inspired gem.

4. Bar Reyna

Photo via @reynatoronto / Instagram 

Bar Reyna offers an upbeat atmosphere with a Mediterranean twist. Indulge in green chickpea hummus or lamb shank baklava in their elegant interior or cozy all-season patio. The cocktail selection is as lavish as the ambiance.

5. Locals Only

Photo via @localsonlytoronto / Instagram 

This basement snack bar, with its industrial feel, neon signs, and graffiti accents, is a favourite among party-goers. It’s one of the ideal snack bars in Toronto before hitting the next spot on your night out.

6. Project Gigglewater

Photo via @projectgigglewater / Instagram 

This spot celebrates old-timey cocktail culture with a modern twist. It features a custom-designed wood slat ceiling and smooth R&B tunes. The creative cocktails and dimmed lights make it one of the most inviting snack bars in Toronto for a relaxed evening.

7. Short Turn

Photo via @416snackbar / Instagram 

From the owners of 416 Snack Bar, Short Turn offers a nostalgic streetcar ride experience on Queen West. The romantic, dimly lit space is perfect for crafted cocktails and delectable snacks like freshly shucked oysters and Geogian eggplant rolls. 

8. Hanmoto

Photo via @hanm0t0 / Instagram 

This Japanese-style snack bar offers satisfying dishes that are perfect with a drink. Since 2015, Hanmoto has been drawing crowds with raw and hot options like salmon aburi and spicy dyno wings, served in a vibrant, neon-lit space.

9. Borrel

Photo via @borrelto / Instagram 

Borrel specialises in Netherlands snacks like the hachee pie, bitterballen and poffertjes. The cozy wood and brick interior makes it feel like a warm alpine retreat, perfect for an intimate snack and drink experience.

10. Big Trouble 

Photo via @bigtroublebar / Instagram 

Big Trouble combines a bilingual menu of baijiu bottles, Tsingtao, and dumplings with a nod to the movie “Big Trouble in Little China.” The modern North American twist on Chinese elements makes it a standout spot for late-night bites and drinks.

11. Simpl Things

Photo via @simplthings.to and @jbsmith / Instagram 

Simpl Things serves Italian comfort by day and Taiwanese street food by night. It’s among the casual snack bars in Toronto that offer great, simple cocktails and a distinct menu that shifts from spritz daytime bites to punchy evening snacks.


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