10+ Best Street Food Destinations in Toronto (Ontario, Canada)


As self-proclaimed street food lovers, let us tell you, Toronto’s food scene is like no other. We’re always tempted by the tantalising aroma of street food filling the air, the sound of sizzling grills, and the excitement of discovering new flavours around every corner. Since we don’t want to leave you behind, we give you this list of the best street food destinations in Toronto. 

1. The Butcher’s BBQ

best street food destinations in Toronto
@thebutchersbbqto via instagram.com

This eatery is every meat lover’s paradise. We love their cheeseburgers and Philly cheesesteaks, made with Ontario-raised meat. It’s one of the best street food destinations in Toronto that offers meaty goodness in every bite. 

2. Marq’s Chicago Beef 

Want some Chicago-style Italian beef sandwiches?  Marq’s paper-thin slices of roast beef soak in their own juices until melt-in-your-mouth tender. Then, they’re topped with hot giardiniera or sweet peppers for the ultimate indulgence.

3. Gushi Japanese Street Food 

best street food destinations in Toronto
@gushitoronto via instagram.com

Don’t leave Gushi without trying their crispy Japanese fried chicken, which comes in three mouthwatering flavours. It’s one of the best food street destinations in Toronto if you’re a fan of classic teriyaki, spicy chili, or savory garlic sauce. 

4. Nasir’s Hot Dogs and Sausage

best street food destinations in Toronto
Photo credit: @whatishangry (Photo via @the.man.in.the.stand)

Who would not love juicy jerk chicken sausages drowning in secret spicy sauce nestled in a soft, toasted bun? And if that doesn’t tempt you, Nasir’s chili sausage, topped with homemade beef chili made fresh daily, surely will. 

5. South Indian Dosa Mahal

best street food destinations in Toronto
@dosamahal_ via instagram.com

Craving authentic Indian street food? This eatery serves garlic-mint masala dosa with tropical-tasting coconut chutneys. Believe us, it’s one of the best street food destinations in Toronto for those seeking bold and flavourful dishes.

6. Maker Pizza

@makerpizza via instagram.com

Any pizza lover here?  Maker Pizza serves slices of heaven with creative toppings like fior di latte, pickled jalapenos, and chili-infused pineapple. Also, the classic Dr. Pepperoni and Napoli Dynamite are a must-try. 

7. JunePlum by Patois

@juneplumto via instagram.com

We’re glad we’ve found Jamaican specialties that make taste buds dance. Your JunePlum experience isn’t complete without trying their smoked brisket patties braised in rich oxtail gravy.

8. Rey Mango

@reymango1 via instagram.com

Wandering Toronto on a sunny day? Have a bite of juicy tropical fruits seasoned with spicy Tajín and sweet-and-smoky chamoy sauce. Every sip will give you a taste of summer. 

  • 247 Augusta Ave, Toronto
  • +1 437-545-5203 

9. Takoyaki6ix

Photo credit: @allfoodiesnamaste (Photo via @takoyaki6ix)

A certified takoyaki lover and want to experience the best food destinations in Toronto? Takoyaki6ix offers perfectly cooked takoyaki filled with savoury goodness. And we love how the takoyaki is crispy on the outside and custardy on the inside. 

  • 160 Baldwin St #5, Toronto, ON M5T 3K7, Canada 

10. Samba Brazil Eatery

@samba_eatery via instagram.com

Ever heard of pastéis? These Brazilian handheld pies from Samba Brazil Eatery are filled with tender pork, zesty barbecue sauce, and gooey cheese. You can also try other flavours, like the shredded pork tenderloin with green and cassava. 

  • 1646 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6N 1H8, Canada
  • +1 416-652-2000 

11. Arirang Hotdog

Photo credit: @ooi.eats (Photo via @ariranghotdog.ca)

These crispy-coated Korean corn dogs, stuffed with cheese or even Wagyu beef, will not disappoint your taste buds. And let’s not forget the crunchy toppings – Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, churros, or chicken nugget chunks. 

  • 5 Byng Ave, Toronto, ON M2N 0E6, Canada 
  • +1 416-223-0808 

So, who’s hungry? Let’s hit the streets and explore these best street destinations in Toronto. 


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