10+ Best Thai Restaurants in Toronto (Ontario)

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Toronto’s a city that thrives on diversity, and that includes its food scene! From steaming bowls of pad thai to fragrant curries, Thai cuisine is a local favorite. But with so many restaurants to choose from, finding that perfect spot can be overwhelming. Craving something authentic and flavourful? Fear not, fellow foodie! This list will guide you through the 10+ best Thai restaurants in Toronto, offering options for every craving and budget. 

1. PAI

Best Thai Restaurants in Toronto
@paitoro via instagram.com 

Pai is the talk of the town for people who crave authentic Northern Thai food.  This spot isn’t fancy, but it’s consistently packed because the flavors are incredible.

2. Koh Lipe Thai Kitchen

Best Thai Restaurants in Toronto
Photo by @syncharoen (Photo via @kohlipeto)

Koh Lipe Thai Kitchen is all about bringing a taste of a gorgeous Thai island to Toronto. They focus on southern Thai cuisine, which means bolder flavors and curries that pack a punch.

3. Thai On Yonge

Best Thai Restaurants in Toronto
@thaionyonge via Instagram.com 

Craving classic Thai in a comfy setting? Thai On Yonge is your spot.  Imagine wood-paneled booths and friendly service, like a familiar haunt you can always count on.

4. Khao San Road

Best Thai Restaurants in Toronto
@khaosanroadto via Instagram.com

Khao San Road is your go-to spot for a fun and flavorful Thai feast, like taking a bite right out of a Bangkok street food adventure.

5. Mengrai Thai

Best Thai Restaurants in Toronto
 @mengrai_thai via Instagram.com 

Mengrai Thai is like stepping into a hidden gem with an iron chef twist.  It’s not your typical Thai place –  think fancy vibes and beautifully plated dishes. But the best part? The owner is a champion iron chef, so you know the food is going to be incredible.

6. SukhoTHAI (Wellington)

Best Thai Restaurants in Toronto
@sukhothaifood via Instagram.com

SukhoTHAI (Wellington) is your reliable go-to for classic Thai dishes done well. Husband-and-wife owners run the show, and they’re all about fresh ingredients and generous portions.

7. Simply Thai Cuisine

@simplythaito via Instagram.com

Simply Thai Cuisine sounds like your classic, dependable Thai spot with a warm atmosphere. Imagine comfy booths and friendly service, perfect for a casual dinner with family or a catch-up with friends.

8.Si Lom Thai Bistro (ร้านสีลม โตรอนโต้)

@silomtoronto via Instagram.com

Si Lom Thai Bistro is your hidden gem for authentic Thai food in downtown Toronto. It’s not fancy – think small and casual, maybe even a hole-in-the-wall vibe – but reviewers rave about the delicious and authentic flavors.

9. Isaan Der – Thai Kitchen & Bar

@isaan_der via Instagram.com

Isaan Der is your spot for a taste of something different when it comes to Thai food. They specialize in dishes from the Isaan region of Thailand, known for its focus on bold flavors, chilies, and fresh ingredients.

10. Imm Thai Kitchen

@immthaikitchen via Instagram.com

Imm Thai Kitchen sounds like your happy place for delicious and authentic Thai food. “Imm” actually means “full belly” in Thai, which pretty much sums up the experience!

11. Savor Thai Toronto

@savorthaito via Instagram.com

Savor Thai Toronto sounds like your destination for a special occasion Thai feast. Imagine stepping into a beautifully decorated space with a trendy vibe. 


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