10+ Best Theatres for Musicals and Plays in Toronto

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Get ready to be dazzled by the stage lights and swept away by the magic of live theater! Toronto is a haven for performing arts lovers, and its theaters are known for putting on some of the most spectacular musicals and plays you’ll ever see. Whether you’re into classic Broadway hits, cutting-edge new productions, or intimate indie shows, Toronto’s got you covered. Grab your playbill and explore the best theatres for musicals and plays in Toronto that’ll transport you to another world!

1. Ed Mirvish Theatre (formerly Canon Theatre)

Popular Plays: Broadway hits, long-running musicals

This grand dame of Toronto theaters is known for hosting major touring productions and long-running musicals. You might catch a Broadway hit like “Hamilton” or “Wicked” gracing its stage.

2. Princess of Wales Theatre

Popular Plays: Large-scale musicals, touring productions

Another Mirvish jewel, this theater is famous for its lavish productions and stunning architecture. Keep an eye out for big-budget musicals like “The Lion King” or “Phantom of the Opera.”

3. Royal Alexandra Theatre

Popular Plays: Classic and contemporary musicals, dramas

With a history dating back to 1907, this elegant theater has seen its fair share of theatrical legends. You might catch a classic play like “The Sound of Music” or a modern musical sensation.

4. Young Centre for the Performing Arts

Popular Plays: Soulpepper productions, classic and contemporary plays

This intimate venue is home to the Soulpepper Theatre Company, known for its innovative and thought-provoking productions. Expect a mix of classic plays, new works, and even some musical theater.

5. CAA Theatre (formerly Panasonic Theatre)

Popular Plays: Smaller musicals, theatrical productions, concerts, comedy shows

This versatile theater hosts a variety of performances, from concerts to comedy shows. You might also catch smaller-scale musicals or theatrical productions.

6. Elgin and Winter Garden Theatres

Photo via @onheritage / Instagram 

Popular Plays: Musicals, comedies, dramas

Step back in time at these beautifully restored theaters, a National Historic Site. The Elgin often hosts musicals and comedies, while the Winter Garden offers a unique setting for more intimate shows.

7. Meridian Hall (formerly Sony Centre for the Performing Arts)

Photo via TO Live

Popular Plays: Large-scale musicals, touring productions, concerts

This large venue is perfect for big-budget musicals and touring productions. You might find yourself singing along to a popular Broadway show or enjoying a family-friendly spectacle.

8. Factory Theatre

Photo via Factory Theatre

Popular Plays: New Canadian plays, experimental theater

If you’re into cutting-edge and experimental theater, Factory Theatre is the place to be. They focus on new Canadian works, often tackling social and political issues.

9. Tarragon Theatre

Photo @tarragontheatreto / Instagram

Popular Plays: Canadian plays, dramas, comedies

Another champion of Canadian theater, Tarragon is known for its intimate space and thought-provoking plays. You’ll often find dramas and comedies that delve into the human experience.

10. Crow’s Theatre

Photo via @crowstheatre / Instagram 

Popular Plays: Contemporary plays, musicals, experimental works

This versatile venue is home to both the Crow’s Theatre company and other independent productions. You’ll find a diverse mix of contemporary plays, musicals, and even some experimental works.

11. Canadian Stage (Berkeley Street Theatre)

Photo via @canadianstage / Instagram 

Popular Plays: Classic and contemporary plays, international productions

With multiple venues across the city, Canadian Stage is a major player in Toronto’s theater scene. They produce a wide range of plays, from classic to contemporary, and often feature acclaimed international productions.


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