10 Best Grazing Boxes & Charcuterie Boards for Delivery in Toronto

Board in the Six

Charcuterie boards and grazing boxes add a unique tablescape to any event. These food products are like artworks that complete the whole event, especially when done gorgeously and flavorfully. Serving them to guests gives different and healthy energy, as these treats often come in vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Read through our list of 10 shops offering grazing boxes and charcuterie board for delivery. Most of these shops and restaurants deliver in Toronto and other areas in GTA such as Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Stouffville, Pickering, King City, Markham, Brampton, Ajax, Scarborough and more.

1. KACE Catering

KACE Catering grazing box

Wondering about your next gift to a friend? Try KACE Catering’s luscious grazing box and charcuterie boards. Taking pride in their premium catering service, you’re assured to taste magnificent flavors that reflect outside. This shop serves picture-perfect boxes and boards that can undoubtedly capture hearts and taste buds. Customers who are vegan, vegetarian and on a gluten-free diet do not need to worry, as KACE Catering gladly accommodates those with dietary restrictions. Their charcuterie board are available for delivery. So, quickly visit their website now to place an order.

2. FloralBash

Floralbash grazing boxes and charcuterie board for delivery

Have you taken a liking to anything fancy? Then, charcuterie boards and grazing boxes are two of the luxurious stuff you must try. Floralbash offers gorgeous-looking, tummy-filling boards and boxes that will surely be loved by you and your guests. Those who have allergen sensitivity don’t need to worry because this shop entertains vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. You can focus on other things as well as this shop offer charcuterie board delivery throughout Toronto.

  • website: www.floralbash.ca
  • address: 1230 Sheppard Ave W, Unit 5, Toronto, ON M3K1Z9

3. Labora Restaurant

Charcuterie board

Prepping meals for a household is tiring. What more if you’re doing it for a bunch of guests? But that’s why shops and restaurants offer charcuterie board for delivery to ease up your stress. If those marbled cured meat does not entice you, we might think you’re crazy. Labora Restaurant offers one of the most premium quality cured meats in town that are exploding in flavors.

  • website: www.labora.to
  • address: 433 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 3M4, Canada

4. Antler Kitchen & Bar

Charcuterie board delivery

Nothing beats pairing great accomplishments with a wild piece of juicy meat. With Antler Kitchen Bar, having a taste of their quality steaks, exotic dishes, charcuterie boards, etc., you surely won’t forget that taste of victory. You don’t have to accomplish anything to experience such things though, as Antler focuses on Canadian cuisine which is known to have ‘wild’ dishes. If you have dietary concerns, you don’t have to worry. They have charcuterie boards which provide a quality experience.

5. Oretta


Who wants to eat classic Italian dishes in an amazing environment? I do! Oretta is committed to providing the best dining experience while also making feel yourself at home. However, due to the pandemic, customers would be restricted to enjoy the ambient physically. Good thing, dining here doesn’t have to be on special occasions though, as you can indulge the savory goodness of their food at the comfort of your home. You can argue that authentic Italian restaurants are hard to find but Oretta will surely not disappoint!

  • website: www.oretta.to
  • address: 633 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1M5, Canada

6. Boxcar Social

Boxcar Social, charcuterie board available for delivery

Oh boy! Wines, pizzas, empanadas, and coffee? Yes please! Boxcar Social offers various products, from wine to coffee, pizza to an empanada, and pasta to desserts, you won’t be disappointed. Not only that, they also offer charcuterie dishes! Pairing cured meat and fancy dishes with their exquisite wine would be so delightful. I can go on forever describing their quality products but see for yourself! You definitely won’t regret it.

7. Grand Cru Deli & Sips Toronto Wine Store

Grand Cru Deli

Are you a certified wine connoisseur who has a picky taste? With Grand Cru Deli & Sips Toronto Wine Store, you don’t have to worry about wines missing the mark. They offer rich, high-quality wines to soothe your stress away. Not to mention, the flavorful charcuterie they sell. With this combo made it heaven, you could expect this shop’s wines and dishes will put your taste buds in paradise. To top it off, their wines and charcuterie boards are available for delivery.

8. Board in the Six

Board in the Six

What’s a good idea for your luxurious kitchen? Why not invite your friends over and fest on the large charcuterie from Board in the Six. Aside from an edible centerpiece filling your table with vibrant colors, it would also fill the area with good vibes. Either for a romantic dinner or a get-together with friends, Board in the Six will surely set everyone in the mood. Just reach them and your charcuterie board delivery will arrive fresh and gorgeous.

9. Salt Wine Bar Ltd

Salt Restaurant

Do you believe that food can take you to places? More specifically– the Iberian Peninsula of Spain and Portugal? Well, you don’t have to travel far because Salt Restaurant is your portal to Spain and Portugal so you can treat yourself to fine tapas and wines. They are known for Iberian Charcuterie, artisan cheese, small-plate dishes and a wide array of wines that will perfectly complement each dish. Enjoy at the comfort and safety of your home, since this restaurant offers charcuterie board delivery across Toronto.

10. Melrose On Adelaide

Melrose large charcuterie

Is your classic routine to wrap up your stressful day involves heading down to your favorite bar, sipping some red wine to slow down your hyperactive brain cells? That’s great! You are saving yourself from imploding anxiety and stress. Good thing, Melrose on Adelaide perfectly match your needs as it has a relaxed and laid-back ambiance with great charcuterie perfect to share with friends. Also, worth noting is it has great Instagramable food and a cozy interior. However, if you like to stay at home, you can opt for charcuterie board delivered right by your doorstep.

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