20+ Luxury Restaurants in Toronto (Ontario) 

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Have you ever dreamt of dining in a fabulous place that feels like it’s out of a movie? Or do you love going to luxury restaurants to celebrate life’s big moments, impress a special someone, or treat yourself to a night without worrying about anything but enjoying the moment? These luxury restaurants in Toronto offer Michelin-starred menus, personalised service that makes you feel like royalty and an ambience designed to wow. Let’s learn more about the city’s most glamorous and unforgettable dining destinations.

1. Canoe

Photo credit: @py_lens & @hctrvqz (Photo via @canoerestaurant)

Canoe will elevate your dining experience—literally, where the stunning cityscape competes only with the exquisite Canadian-inspired menu. As one of the best luxury restaurants in Toronto, it highlights the country’s finest ingredients, crafted into beautifully presented and delicious dishes. 

2. Alo

@alorestaurant via instagram.com

Tucked away on top of a heritage building, Alo offers a tasting menu with pure culinary artistry and an intimate, upscale vibe. The ever-changing tasting menu is a masterclass in modern French cuisine, presented with the precision of an artist and the passion of a true gourmand.

3. Scaramouche Restaurant 

@scaramoucherestaurant via instagram.com

Nestled in a serene corner with breathtaking city views, Scaramouche feels like dining in a luxurious Parisian penthouse. The refined French dishes and impeccable service make every meal here a grand affair.

4. Buca Osteria & Bar 

@bucatoronto via instagram.com

Buca Osteria & Bar is among the Italian luxury restaurants in Toronto that will immediately transport you to a chic Italian villa, where you can enjoy the aroma of truffle-topped pizzas and freshly made pasta. The menu features luxurious dishes with a modern twist.

  • www.buca.ca
  • 53 Scollard Street front entrance located via Yorkville Avenue through the Four Seasons Courtyard, Toronto 
  • +1 416-962-2822 
  • info@bucayorkville.com 

5. George Restaurant

Situated in a historic building, George combines old-world charm with contemporary flair. Their innovative tasting menus match the industrial chic décors, and each dish is meticulously crafted to surprise and delight.

6. The Chase 

@thechaseto via instagram.com

Besides the sophisticated decor and stunning rooftop views from its rooftop patio, The Chase is renowned for its modern North American cuisine. It’s a chic, upscale destination with beautiful furniture and soft light hanging fixtures. 

7. BlueBlood Steakhouse

@blueblood_steakhouse via instagram.com

Housed in Casa Loma, this steakhouse offers a regal dining experience with prime cuts of meat and opulent decor. Dine like royalty in a setting that feels straight out of a lavish period drama, complete with grand chandeliers and antique furnishings. 

8. Edulis Restaurant 

@edulisrestaurant via instagram.com

This cozy, French and Spanish-inspired restaurant offers an intimate and adventurous culinary journey. With a menu that changes almost daily, it promises a unique, luxurious experience that feels like dining in a rustic European cottage. The menu focuses on vegetables, seafood, and wild mushrooms.

9. Don Alfonso 1890

@donalfonsoto via instagram.com

With its roots in a Michelin-starred Italian tradition, Don Alfonso 1890 offers a dining experience that’s both historic and cutting-edge. Each dish is a revelation, blending classic techniques with modern flair in a stunningly elegant space.

10. Byblos Uptown

@byblostoronto via instagram.com

Byblos takes you on a luxurious journey through the Eastern Mediterranean, with a menu bursting with bold flavours and exotic spices. The lavish decor and vibrant atmosphere make dining here an unforgettable experience.

11. Jacobs & Co. Steakhouse

@jacobssteakhouse via instagram.com

Jacobs & Co. redefines the classic steakhouse with its luxurious setting and exceptional quality. The prime beef is dry-aged to perfection and served in a plush, elegant environment that oozes an old-world vibe. 

12. Auberge du Pommier

Photo credit: @hctrvqz (Photo via @aubergedupommier)

This French country-style restaurant offers a serene escape from the city. The exquisite menu features dishes made with precise cooking techniques and high-quality ingredients.  Plus, the rustic feel and tranquil garden setting solidify its status as one of the best luxury restaurants in Toronto. 

13. Café Boulud

@cafebouludto via instagram.com

Experience the culinary genius of Michelin-starred chef Daniel Boulud at Café Boulud. Located in the Four Seasons Hotel, this French restaurant offers culinary excellence and sophistication, combining classic dishes with contemporary twists. 

14. La Banane

Photo credit: @rickettes (Photo via @labananeresto)

This stylish, French-inspired restaurant combines delicious dishes with a fun, modern decor. La Banane highlights indulgence in its menu, from the caviar service to the perfectly executed desserts. It’s among the luxury restaurants in Toronto where you can enjoy an extensive raw bar. 

15. Kōst

Perched atop the Bisha Hotel, Kōst offers towering city views, a chic ambiance, and a deluxe Bajan-inspired menu with a coastal vibe. The infinity pool complements a stylish, sun-soaked dining experience, from breakfast to dinner. 

16. Bar Isabel

@bar_isabel via instagram.com

Known for its Spanish-inspired small plates, Bar Isabel offers fresh, creative, and delicious food with perfect coziness and elegance. It’s one of the luxury restaurants in Toronto, and every meal feels like a festive celebration with its flavourful tapas and Iberian wines. 

17. Ristorante Sotto Sotto

@sottosotto via instagram.com

This intimate, upscale Italian restaurant is a favourite among celebrities. Sotto Sotto offers authentic South-Central Italy traditional dishes with a touch of glamour. The dishes are perfectly paired with a wide variety of wines. 

18. Toca

@tocatoronto via instagram.com

Inside the Ritz-Carlton, Toca serves seasonal and locally sourced Italian dishes.  The in-house cheese cave, all-you-eat buffet, staples’ gourmet versions, and impeccable service make it among the must-visit luxury restaurants in Toronto. Furthermore, the Taste Italy Series, featuring a monthly three-meal course from different Italian regions, creates a new memory in every visit.

19. Chiado Restaurant 

@chiadotoronto via instagram.com

Refined and creative—that’s how Chiado’s Portuguese dishes are best described. The restaurant’s atmosphere is very European, adding to its timeless elegance. It’s one of the top luxury restaurants in Toronto that offers Portuguese flavours with its lavish seafood and wine list. 

20. Sofia 

@sofiayorkville via instagram.com

Sofia is the perfect spot for upscale dining, art, and entertainment. It shines as one of the well-known luxury restaurants in Toronto with its blend of modern Italian cuisine and vibrant art. It’s not just a meal; it’s an experience where every dish is a work of art, and every visit feels like a European getaway.

21. Miku Toronto 

@mikutoronto via instagram.com

This upscale Japanese restaurant offers a superb dining experience. It features flame-seared sushi that melts in the mouth and an extensive sake list to match. The elegant decor, in-house Japanese and European-inspired desserts, and breathtaking views of Toronto’s harbourfront also make it the perfect destination for luxury dining. 


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