10+ Most Instagram-Worthy Restaurants in North York (Toronto)

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We all know the struggle of finding a restaurant that satisfies both your taste buds and your social media feed. North York, with its diverse culinary scene, offers a ton of fantastic places to eat. But sometimes, you just want that perfect combo: delicious food and an aesthetically pleasing backdrop for your next Instagram post. No need to worry, fellow foodie! This list will unveil the most Instagram-worthy restaurants in North York so you can dine in style and capture the envy of your followers.

1. Auberge du Pommier

Most Instagram-Worthy Restaurants in North York
@aubergedupommier via instagram.com 

Auberge du Pommier offers a refined fine-dining experience in North York.  This restaurant showcases a commitment to culinary excellence with its innovative take on traditional French cuisine, incorporating seasonal influences.

2. 12 Tables

Most Instagram-Worthy Restaurants in North York
Photo by @exploreressie (via @12tablesto)

A recent addition to North York’s Avenue Road, 12 Tables brings the warmth and authenticity of European flavors to Toronto. This family-run restaurant boasts a menu that seamlessly blends contemporary twists with the timeless cuisines of Italy, Spain, France, and Poland.

3. Le Montmartre

Instagram-Worthy Restaurants in North York
@lemontmartreto via instagram.com 

Transport yourself to the heart of Paris at Le Montmartre French Restaurant. This North York gem boasts an “air of France” with its warm ambience and delightful French music.

4. Union Social Eatery

Most Instagram-Worthy Restaurants in North York
@unionsocial via instagram.com 

Union Social Eatery seamlessly blends the comfort of a casual eatery with the vibrancy of a local hangout. Their motto, “Common dining, done uncommonly well,” reflects their commitment to exceeding expectations across all aspects of the dining experience.

5. Yonge Cafe and Bistro

Most Instagram-Worthy Restaurants in North York
@yongecafe via instagram.com 

Yonge Cafe and Bistro offers a relaxed atmosphere ideal for a casual meal. Their menu features breakfast items, sandwiches, wraps, and a dedicated weekend brunch menu.

6. Cafe Landwer

Most Instagram-Worthy Restaurants in North York
@cafelandwercanada via instagram.com 

Established in 1919, Cafe Landwer boasts a rich history that began as a small cafe in Berlin.  This restaurant has evolved into a modern destination that prioritizes both tradition and quality. 

7. Cafe N One North York

Most Instagram-Worthy Restaurants in North York
Photo credit: @biologeats via instagram.com 

More than just your average eatery, Cafe N One elevates the dining experience in North York with its unique Japanese fusion concept.  This versatile venue transcends the boundaries of a typical cafe, restaurant, or dessert shop, offering a captivating atmosphere that caters to a variety of occasions.

8. Old Avenue

@oldavenueca via instagram.com 

Old Avenue Restaurant and Bakery welcomes you to a unique dining experience in North York.  Their menu features the delicious flavors of South Caucasus cuisine alongside innovative interpretations inspired by neighboring Middle Eastern regions.

9. Nomé Izakaya North York

@nomeizakaya via instagram.com 

Nome Izakaya, a Japanese tapas restaurant and lounge with multiple locations throughout North York, offers a taste of Japan. Specializing in fresh sashimi and boasting Toronto’s best oyster bar, Nome promises an impressive culinary experience. 

10. David Duncan House

@davidduncanhouse.to via instagram.com 

The David Duncan House offers an unparalleled dining experience in North York. Guests can savor exceptional steak and seafood dishes prepared with a focus on authenticity.

11. PAESE Ristorante

@paeseristorante via instagram.com 

Paese (meaning “town or village” in Italian) offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere that feels like an extension of your neighborhood. Established over 25 years ago, this North York gem remains committed to handcrafted, housemade dishes.


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