10+ Must-Try Food Tours in Toronto (Ontario)

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You know that feeling when you’re scrolling through Instagram and everyone’s posting pics of food that looks SO good it makes your mouth water? Yeah, Toronto’s like that city, but in real life. Except, unlike Instagram, you can actually eat all that amazing food. Problem is, with so many delicious options and neighborhoods to explore, where do you even begin? That’s why food tours in Toronto can be your BFF who knows all the city’s hidden foodie gems.

1. Chinatown + Kensington Market Food Tour

Photo via @culinaryadvco and @torontochinatown / Instagram 

Offered by: Culinary Adventure Co. 

This immersive tour is your chance to explore the vibrant streets of Kensington Market and Chinatown. Sample a variety of international foods, from fresh dumplings and empanadas to Jamaican patties and gourmet cheese.

2. St. Lawrence Market Food Tour

Photo via @culinaryadvco and @stackdkitchen / Instagram 

Offered by: Culinary Adventure Co. 

Enjoy tastings of peameal bacon sandwiches, locally sourced seafood, and delectable pastries while learning about Toronto’s rich history. This is one of the food tours in Toronto that offers a delightful blend of culinary delights and historical insights.

3. Toronto’s Ultimate Chocolate Tour

Offered by: Tasty Tours Toronto

Sweet tooth? This tour is dedicated entirely to chocolate. It’s one of the best food tours in Toronto for those who want to visit some of the best chocolatiers and dessert shops, sampling a variety of decadent treats along the way.

4. Toronto Brewery Tours

Photo via @thebeerbusco and @eastboundbeer / Instagram

Offered by: The Beer Bus Company

Combine your love of craft beer with a dash of history on this tour. It’s one of the best food tours in Toronto if you want to visit local breweries while tasting some of Toronto’s finest brews.

5. Little India + Gerrard East Food Tour

Photo via @culinaryadvco / Instagram 

Offered by: Culinary Adventure Co. 

This tour takes you through Toronto’s Little India, where you’ll sample dishes like butter chicken, samosas, and fragrant biryani. Enjoy authentic Indian cuisine and learn about the spices and techniques that make it so special.

6. Made in Canada™ Food Tour

Photo via @culinaryadvco, @stlawrencemarket, and @eves_desserts  / Instagram 

Offered by: Culinary Adventure Co. 

This tour explores the  St. Lawrence Market while savouring Canadian classics like Quebec-style poutine, Canadian maple syrup, and the famous peameal bacon sandwich. Enjoy over 10 tastings, including Canadian cheeses, charcuterie, and Atlantic smoked salmon. 

7. Roncesvalles Village Food Tour 

Offered by: Culinary Adventure Co. 

Discover the charm of Toronto’s oldest community village with this fun tour. It celebrates the city’s Ukrainian and early British history while offering a delightful mix of diverse flavours. 

8. The Distillery District Breakfast Tour

Photo via @gotourscanada / Instagram 

Offered by: Go Tours Canada

This 75-minute tour features the best local coffee and bites. It’s among the food tours in Toronto, where you’ll enjoy a hot tea or coffee, a breakfast sandwich, and biscotti while wandering the historic brick streets and buildings of the Distillery District. 

9. King West + Entertainment District Brunch Tour

Offered by: Culinary Adventure Co. 

Want to start your day with the best brunch spots in the city? This tour is perfect for brunch enthusiasts looking to discover new favorites and enjoy dishes like avocado toast, eggs Benedict, and specialty coffees.

10. Kensington Market Donut Tour

Offered by: Underground Donut Tour 

Kick off your donut adventure in the heart of the Fashion District for hot, fresh, tiny doughnuts and explore Queen Street for a taste of delicious daily-made donuts. Then, stroll through Alexandra Park and into the vibrant Kensington Market for two surprise stops. 

11. The Junction Food Tour

Offered by: Tastes and Tales Toronto

Explore the historical and culinary wonders of The Junction, Toronto’s eclectic neighborhood. Once an industrial hub, The Junction is now a vibrant mix of restaurants, bars, breweries, and bakeries. 


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