New Media Art Festival 2024 – NOXTE VOL V: Luminal Connextions

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Immerse in a dazzling fusion of technology and artistry at the New Media Art Festival – NOXTE VOL V: Luminal Connextions!

Slated for its grand launch on July 12th at Bodyshop Studios, Luminal Connexions promises an unforgettable and mesmerizing world of light and new media. The audience will witness light as an illuminator and a dynamic force that reveals, conceals, connects, and casts shadows.

What to Expect

Presented by IC Contemporary, Nullsight, and Derooted Immersive, NOXTE VOL V: Luminal Connextions explores the profound potential of light as both an artistic and technological medium. Furthermore, artists will employ AI, lasers, projection mapping, 3D rendering, and more to create immersive installations that challenge conventional perceptions of light.

The festival features an impressive lineup of artists. This includes Alexander McLeod, Joy, Victoria Kamila, Ali Phi X El Ekeko, Ashorii, and Matthew Davies. Each artist brings a unique perspective, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved when technology and creativity collide. Their works will transform Body Shop Studios into a luminal wonderland, offering a multi-sensory experience that captivates and inspires.

Besides the stunning visual displays, attendees can enjoy delectable treats by Sugar & Saffron and sip on celestial cocktails crafted by OffWorld. These culinary delights perfectly complement the ethereal ambiance of the festival.

As part of the Vector Festival, a renowned experimental media arts festival, “Luminal Connextions” is one of many events celebrating digital games and creative media practices. The Vector Festival showcases various exhibitions, workshops, performances, and screenings. 

Join the community at bodyshop studios for an evening of groundbreaking art, thought-provoking installations, and unforgettable experiences. Please note that the exhibition venue contains visual effects and flashing lights, which may not be suitable for individuals with light sensitivity or epilepsy.

Event Details for NOXTE VOL V: Luminal Connextions 2024:

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*Featured Photo via NOXTE VOL V


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