10+ Oldest Restaurants in Toronto (Ontario)

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If you’re a history buff or love dining in places that have stood the test of time, Toronto has a fantastic array of old-school eateries rich in history and flavor. Here’s a roundup of 10+ of the oldest restaurants in Toronto that you can still visit today.

1. The Senator

Oldest Restaurants in Toronto
@thesenatorto via instagram.com

One of the oldest restaurants in Toronto, The Senator, has been a staple since the 1920s. Known for its classic diner fare with a gourmet twist, it’s the perfect spot for a nostalgic meal. Like the famous chicken pot pie, their comfort food is made from scratch, ensuring high-quality, heartwarming dishes. 

2. Adega Restaurante

Oldest Restaurants in Toronto
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Adega Restaurante is renowned for its premium seafood dishes. It’s one of the oldest restaurants in Toronto that blends tradition with an exceptional dining experience

3. Old Mill Toronto

Oldest Restaurants in Toronto
Photo credit: @claire_dgz (Photo via @oldmilltoronto)

Since opening its doors in 1914, the Old Mill Toronto has been an elegant dining and event venue. Known for its beautiful setting and rich history, it offers a charming spot to enjoy traditional and contemporary cuisine in a historic setting​.

4. Hothouse

Oldest Restaurants in Toronto
@hothouserestaurant via instagram.com

Hothouse is one of the oldest restaurants in Toronto that offers various traditional dishes like salmon, vegan burger, and steak frites. Its historic ambiance and modern culinary techniques make it a unique dining experience​.

5. Terroni

Oldest Restaurants in Toronto
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This beloved Italian eatery began in the 1990s in a building with a rich history dating back to the early 20th century. Known for its authentic Italian dishes and vibrant atmosphere, Terroni is a must-visit for Italian food lovers​.

6. The Keg Mansion

Oldest Restaurants in Toronto
@thekegsteakhouse via instagram.com

Housed in a historic mansion built in 1867, The Keg Mansion is known for its delicious steaks and storied past. Dining here feels like stepping back in time, surrounded by the elegance of a bygone era​.

7. Jump Restaurant

@jumprestaurant via instagram.com

Jump Restaurant offers a more intimate setting and a selection of North American dishes with Italian twist. It’s a great spot to enjoy a quiet evening in a historical ambiance​.

8. La Palette

Photo credit: @dishedtoronto (Photo via @lapalettequeenwest)

Opened in 2000 in Kensington Market, La Palette offers French bistro classics in a quaint and cozy setting. The restaurant occupies a building with a rich history, adding to the charm of the dining experience​.

9. C’est What?

Photo credit: @brewingthroughlife (Photo via @cestwhatto)

Established in 1988, C’est What is a classic spot for those who love classic burgers, mac and cheese, and local and craft beers. Known for its traditional atmosphere and exceptional service, it has been a favorite for special occasions and fine dining for decades​.

10. The House on Parliament

@hop_to via instagram.com

Located in a historic building from the late 1800s, The House on Parliament is a popular pub offering classic British fare and a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. It’s a great place to enjoy a pint and some hearty food​.

11. Caren’s Rosedale

@carensrosedale via instagram.com

Although Caren’s Rosedale is a relatively newer addition compared to some on this list, it occupies a historic building and offers a blend of French and Italian cuisine. The charming setting and historical significance make it a noteworthy spot​.

These historic restaurants offer delicious food and a glimpse into Toronto’s rich culinary past. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic steak, comforting diner fare, or elegant Italian dishes, the oldest restaurants in Toronto promise a memorable dining experience steeped in history.


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