10+ Sustainable Dining Restaurants in Toronto (Ontario) 

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Looking for delicious bites that not only satisfy your taste buds but also make you feel good about your choices? We’ve created a list of top sustainable dining restaurants in Toronto where you can indulge in guilt-free gourmet experiences. In a world where we’re becoming more conscious about our impact on the environment, sustainable dining is more than just a trend—it’s a lifestyle.

1. the Goods 

Sustainable Dining Restaurants in Toronto
@thegoodsisgood via instagram.com

This health food restaurant uses locally sourced organic greens, promotes reusable cups,  and encourages you to bring your own containers to reduce waste. Plus, as one of the best sustainable dining restaurants in Toronto, they cook community meals supported by fundraising efforts. 

2. Antler Kitchen & Bar

Sustainable Dining Restaurants in Toronto
@antlerkitchenbar via instagram.com

Fancy some game meat like bison or deer? Antler’s rustic, open-fire cooking showcases sustainable, seasonal ingredients. They focus on ethical sourcing and local flavours for a truly Canadian and responsible dining experience.

3. Birds and Beans Cafe 

Sustainable Dining Restaurants in Toronto
@birdsandbeanscafe via instagram.com

Sip on organic, fair-trade, bird-friendly coffee at this eco-friendly cafe. Their Arabica beans support bird conservation and biodiversity, making your morning coffee a win for the planet and small-scale farmers.

4. 1 Kitchen Toronto

Located inside 1 Hotel Toronto, this zero-waste, farm-to-table restaurant serves fresh, local ingredients in a lush, plant-filled dining room. Enjoy delicious dishes while supporting sustainable practices like composting for their on-site garden.

5. Avling 

via avling.ca 

This brewery and restaurant connects everything to Canada’s regenerative food system. With a 4,000 sq. ft. rooftop farm, Avling’s seasonal menu features locally sourced ingredients grown using ecological practices. It’s among the sustainable dining restaurants in Toronto where flavours celebrate the Canadian landscape and community.

6. Côte de Bœuf

Sustainable Dining Restaurants in Toronto
@cotedeboeufossington via instagram.com

Love beef? Côte de Bœuf butchers locally sourced meat by hand and offer a variety of fresh cuts and housemade sausages. Their takeout menu includes mouth-watering sandwiches and a “Butcher’s BBQ Box,” perfect for a sustainable feast.

7. Frilu

@frilu_restaurant via instagram.com

A MICHELIN Green Star recipient, Frilu gets its produce from the chef’s own Willowolf Farm. This farm-to-table approach means kitchen scraps go back to the farm for composting, enriching the soil for future crops. 

8. Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

@mildredstemplekitchen via instagram.com

Renowned for brunch, Mildred’s is one of the top sustainable dining restaurants in Toronto, offering a diverse menu with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. The bright, relaxing atmosphere and commitment to sustainable practices make delightful meals. 

9. Gusto 101

@gusto101to via instagram.com

Committed to reducing waste and supporting the community, Gusto 101 serves sustainable seafood options, promotes responsible waste management, and uses biodegradable packaging. They’re also part of local food literacy programs. 

10. Fresh Restaurants

@freshrestaurants via instagram.com

Enjoy a vast menu of modern vegetarian and vegan dishes in this lively eatery. Fresh, one of the must-visit sustainable dining restaurants in Toronto, promotes sustainable sourcing and limiting food waste with eco-friendly packaging and zero-waste facilities for their dressings, sauces, soups, and sauces.

11. Actinolite Restaurant

@actinoliterestaurant via instagram.com

This sleek eatery offers seasonal tasting menus featuring sustainably sourced Canadian cuisine. The menu changes weekly based on available ingredients, ensuring every meal is local, fresh, and delicious.


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