10+ Top Fusion Cuisine Restaurants in Toronto (Ontario)

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Toronto’s food scene is a melting pot of cultures, just like the city itself. Sometimes you just can’t decide between your favourite Korean BBQ and fresh ceviche. Well, you’re in luck! Fusion cuisine takes the best of different culinary traditions and mashes them up into something truly delicious and unique. Craving a taste of something unexpected? Check out this list of the top fusion cuisine restaurants in Toronto (Ontario) to tantalize your taste buds!

1. Her Chef – Asian Fusion Restaurant Toronto

Fusion Cuisine Restaurants in Toronto
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Her Chef is a contemporary Toronto restaurant specializing in Asian fusion cuisine. They offer a relaxed dining atmosphere and feature Korean and other Asian flavors with a unique twist.

2. Foxley

Fusion Cuisine Restaurants in Toronto
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Foxley is a Toronto restaurant that offers a cozy atmosphere and a menu that delights with its fusion of Asian and Pan-Latin flavors.

3. SweetLulu Restaurant

SweetLulu Restaurant offers a creative twist on Asian flavors. Diners can build their own rice or noodle bowls, selecting fresh ingredients, proteins, sauces, and toppings to craft a personalized fusion creation.

4. Mother Tongue

Fusion Cuisine Restaurants in Toronto
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Mother Tongue is a Toronto restaurant that draws inspiration from both the city’s multicultural tapestry and Chef Francis Bermejo’s Filipino heritage. Their menu celebrates this fusion by offering innovative dishes that are both delicious and respectful of tradition.

5. Lee

Fusion Cuisine Restaurants in Toronto
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Lee, helmed by renowned chef Susur Lee, offers a celebration of culinary heritage.  This stylish Toronto eatery combines Asian influences with French techniques, resulting in innovative and shareable plates that are meant to bring people together.

6. Beyond Fusion +

Fusion Cuisine Restaurants in Toronto
@beyondfusion.ca via instagram.com 

Toronto’s Beyond Fusion offers a modern take on Vietnamese cuisine, presenting a unique perspective that blends tradition with contemporary flair. Their menu goes beyond the expected, showcasing the rich flavors of Vietnam through innovative dishes that surprise and delight.

7. R&D

Fusion Cuisine Restaurants in Toronto
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Led by the culinary teamwork of  Eric Chong, winner of the first MasterChef Canada, and Michelin-starred chef Alvin Leung, R&D offers a vibrant take on modern Canadian-Chinese cuisine.

8. Nozomi Fusion Kitchen

Fusion Cuisine Restaurants in Toronto
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Nozomi Fusion Kitchen infuses Asian flavors into classic comfort food favorites like tacos, burgers, and chicken sandwiches. This Toronto restaurant, with a presence at both the Bathurst and Lawrence location and the city’s food festivals and pop-up scenes, offers a unique and delicious take on familiar dishes.

9. ‘ONO Poké Bar

ONO POKE BAR offers a modern take on a Hawaiian classic. Chef Ken, with over ten years of experience as a sushi chef, curates a menu featuring his perfected poke recipes.  Diners can choose from these expertly crafted base bowls or personalize their own creation with a variety of fresh ingredients.

10. Mineral

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Mineral is a multifaceted venue in Toronto that seamlessly blends a stylish coffee shop, restaurant, and bar. It offers a unique dining experience featuring inventive dishes drawing inspiration from Filipino cuisine, alongside a curated selection of wines and creative cocktails.

11. Lake Inez

@lakeinez via instagram.com 

Lake Inez offers a unique take on Asian-inspired cuisine, featuring creative dishes that blend various Asian influences. Their menu boasts a focus on seasonal ingredients alongside an extensive beer list. The restaurant itself provides a quirky yet refined atmosphere, perfect for a memorable dining experience.


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