10+ Top Hidden Gem Restaurants in Toronto (Ontario)

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Toronto’s food scene is incredible, with everything from trendy hot spots to old-school diners. But sometimes you want something a little more special, a place that feels like your own secret discovery. That’s where hidden gem restaurants in Toronto come in! These are the tucked-away spots with amazing food, unique vibes, and a sense of “wow, I’m glad I found this!” Let’s explore some of Toronto’s best hidden gems so you can add a few new favourites to your culinary adventure list.

1. The Good Son

Top Hidden Gem Restaurants in Toronto
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A neighborhood staple, The Good Son welcomes guests with a casual yet inviting atmosphere that reflects the spirit of Toronto. Whether you’re stopping by for a quick drink and a bite, or settling in for a leisurely evening, The Good Son offers a flexible dining experience.

2. Grey Gardens

Top Hidden Gem Restaurants in Toronto
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Expect a vibrant scene filled with patrons enjoying an extensive wine list, fresh oysters, and decadent dishes like black truffle sauce. But Grey Gardens goes beyond this initial impression. Their menu caters to a variety of palates, offering a selection of delicious options perfect for a quick bite or a leisurely exploration of their culinary offerings.

3. Goods and Provisions

Top Hidden Gem Restaurants in Toronto
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Tucked away in Leslieville, Goods and Provisions offers a unique dining experience within a rustic tavern setting. Exposed brick and warm wood decor create a welcoming atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a drink or indulging in their globally-inspired menu.

4. Bang Sue Bar

Top Hidden Gem Restaurants in Toronto
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Nestled above the bustling Khao San Road restaurant, Bang Sue Bar evokes the vibrant energy of Bangkok’s night markets. This hidden gem offers a menu of shareable Thai plates alongside a selection of cocktails and craft beers.

5. Pastiche

Located on Ossington Avenue, Pastiche isn’t your typical Toronto eatery. It’s an “outlandish space” that caters to the unconventional diner, promising an experience that’s both unorthodox and unexpected.

6. Antler Kitchen & Bar

Top Hidden Gem Restaurants in Toronto
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Antler Kitchen & Bar champions Canadian cuisine with a focus on regional ingredients. Their philosophy revolves around celebrating the bounty of local and seasonal offerings, with a particular emphasis on incorporating wild foraged ingredients and ethically sourced game meats.

7. Hy’s Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar

Top Hidden Gem Restaurants in Toronto
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A pillar of Toronto’s fine dining scene for over 65 years, Hy’s Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar offers an unwavering commitment to culinary excellence. Specializing in Prime Grade steaks cooked to perfection, Hy’s delivers a classic steakhouse experience with a touch of Canadian warmth.

8. Maison Selby

Maison Selby offers a sophisticated take on the classic Parisian bistro. This Toronto gem boasts a stylish yet inviting atmosphere, perfect for a leisurely afternoon snack or an evening spent sipping cocktails and enjoying delicious fare.

9. DaiLo

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Steeped in tradition yet undeniably modern, DaiLo offers a unique take on New Asian cuisine. The name itself, DaiLo (大佬), carries a multifaceted meaning in Cantonese, signifying respect for elders and a bridge between generations, while also conveying a sense of boldness (“big boss”). This duality reflects the restaurant’s philosophy.

10. ēst Restaurant

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Anchored in Toronto’s lively Riverside district, ēst (pronounced “east”) offers a contemporary take on Italian-French cuisine. More than just a restaurant, its name reflects its location (on Queen Street East) and its focus on bridging the gap between established traditions and a modern approach to dining.

11. Foxley

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Established in 2007, Foxley is a Toronto staple helmed by Chef Tom Thai.  Following a decade of experience as a sushi chef at renowned Toronto establishments Tempo and Canoe, Chef Thai opened Foxley, named after the neighboring Foxley Street on Ossington Avenue.


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