10+ Wineries Near Toronto (Ontario)

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Craving a getaway that doesn’t involve boarding a plane? We’ve got the perfect escape for you – and it’s closer than you think!  Just a short drive from Toronto lies a world of award-winning wines, breathtaking vineyards, and charming hospitality. Whether you’re a seasoned sommelier or simply enjoy a good glass with friends, discovering the best wineries near Toronto is an adventure you don’t want to miss. So grab your favorite company, and let’s uncork the fun in Ontario’s wine country!

1. Chateau Des Charmes

best wineries near Toronto
Photo by @chateaudescharmes / Instagram 

Rooted in a legacy of French winemaking, Château des Charmes stands as a testament to the Bosc family’s commitment to quality and passion for their craft.

2. Vin De Garage

best wineries near Toronto
Photo by vindegarageto / Instagram

Vin De Garage offers an exclusive wine experience, crafting limited-edition wines with a unique “garage” style. Their focus on exceptional fruit, bold oak, and intense concentration results in sought-after wines that reflect individual preferences.

3. Downtown Winery

best wineries near Toronto
Photo via Downtown Winery

Downtown Winery is a family-owned gem on Ossington Avenue, delighting the community with over 30 years of winemaking expertise. This inviting space welcomes guests for wine flights, private tastings in their cellar, and daily happy hour deals – the perfect spot to unwind and savor the fruits of their labor.

4. Kim’s Winery

Kim’s Winery welcomes you to experience the warmth and tradition of Korean winemaking at North America’s largest Korean winery. Discover their unique offerings through immersive tours, engaging experiences, and delightful dining events designed to make you feel like part of the family.

5. Macedo U-Vin / Macedo Winery

best wineries near Toronto
Photo by @macedowinery / Instagram 

Macedo Winery is a family-owned and operated Toronto gem. They offer a curated selection of wines, from local gems to international favorites, as well as all the supplies you need to make your own unique blend at home.

6. Magnotta Toronto

best wineries near Toronto
Photo by @magnottawinery / Instagram

Magnotta Winery offers a wide selection of locally-crafted wines, beers, and spirits across 14 convenient locations in Ontario. Visitors can explore their diverse portfolio and enjoy a taste of award-winning Ontario craftsmanship.

7. Paradise Grapevine Winery

Paradise Grapevine Winery is a haven for natural wine enthusiasts and food lovers alike.  Their inviting space offers a curated selection of low-intervention wines alongside a menu showcasing the best of local ingredients, making it a must-visit destination in Toronto.

8. Vinoteca Winery

Photo by @vinotecawinery / Instagram

A pioneering Ontario winery, Vinoteca boasts a state-of-the-art production facility and a convenient retail store for easy access to their award-winning wines.  Visitors can explore their wide selection, including older vintages and Icewines, just a short drive from Toronto.

9. Vintner’s Cellar Woodbridge Winery

Photo by @vintnerscellarwoodbridge / Instagram

Vintner’s Cellar Woodbridge Winery invites you to experience a modern boutique winery boasting over 40 premium wines. Their curated experiences, including custom labels, create unforgettable moments for small groups seeking a refined wine adventure.

10. Vin Bon Scarborough

Photo by @vinbonwine / Instagram

Vin Bon Scarborough invites wine enthusiasts to craft their own personalized blends in Canada’s largest boutique micro winery. Their expertise and passion guide visitors through every step, from selecting grapes to bottling their unique creations.

11. Vintage Vines

Photo by @vintagevines1 / Instagram

Vintage Vines crafts unique, high-quality wines and beers tailored to each customer’s preferences. Their commitment to customization and satisfaction guarantees a one-of-a-kind experience for every visitor.


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