10+ Best Mexican Restaurants in Toronto (Ontario)

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Craving fresh, flavorful Mexican food that goes beyond basic burritos and cheese dip? Toronto’s got you covered! The city boasts a vibrant scene of authentic and innovative Mexican restaurants, each offering a taste of a different region or culinary style. Whether you’re looking for a trendy tapas bar with creative takes on classics, a casual spot for delicious street tacos, or a fine-dining experience with unique Oaxacan flavors, there’s a perfect spot for every craving. Dive into our guide to discover the 10+ best Mexican restaurants in Toronto and prepare for a taste bud adventure!

1. El Catrin Destileria

El Catrin Destileria isn’t messing around when it comes to Mexican food. They claim to have the best authentic and modern Mexican cuisine in Toronto, with a menu that blends traditional dishes with creative twists.

2. El Pocho Antojitos Bar

Best Mexican Restaurants in Toronto
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El Pocho Antojitos Bar is the kind of place that ticks all the boxes for a chill Mexican hangout. Think dark, inviting interiors perfect for a laid-back dinner with friends, and a bonus front patio for those sunny Toronto days.

3. Chula Taberna Mexicana

Best Mexican Restaurants in Toronto
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Chula Taberna Mexicana isn’t your average taco joint. Sure, they’ve got all the classics you know and love, but they also like to experiment with new flavor profiles and textures.

4. Quetzal

Best Mexican Restaurants in Toronto
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Quetzal’s your place. This trendy spot offers a modern take on upscale Mexican food.

5. Playa Cabana

Best Mexican Restaurants in Toronto
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Mas Playas isn’t just one restaurant, it’s a whole family of Mexican eateries in Toronto! Each location has its own unique vibe, but they all share the same mission: to create delicious food and drinks that you’ll crave long after your visit.


Best Mexican Restaurants in Toronto
@xolamexicanresto via instagram.com

Craving something a little different than your standard taco Tuesday fare? Xola Restaurant might be your new go-to spot. This cash-only joint in the Beaches is known for its lively atmosphere and unique take on Mexican comfort food.

7. El Rey Mezcal Bar

Best Mexican Restaurants in Toronto
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In the mood for an intimate and cozy Mexican experience? El Rey Mezcal Bar might be your perfect spot. This Kensington Market haunt is small but inviting, with warm wood décor that creates a relaxed atmosphere.

8. La Carnita

@la_carnita via Instagram.com

La Carnita offers a cool, edgy take on Mexican food. Think creative tacos with unexpected flavor combinations, all served up in a vibrant space covered in graffiti murals.

9. Fonda Lola Mexican Bistro

Fond of inventive Mexican food and strong margaritas? Fonda Lola might be your new go-to spot. This cozy cantina uses recycled décor and puts a creative twist on classic Mexican dishes.

10. Milagro Cantina

@milagro_cantina via instagram.com 

Looking for a taste of Mexico that feels like a homey gathering? Milagro Cantina might be your new go-to spot. Founded in 2006, this Toronto staple serves up classic Mexican dishes inspired by what their founder enjoyed growing up.

11. Campechano Adelaide

Campechano Adelaide is all about fresh, authentic Mexican flavors. They take pride in making their tortillas from scratch, using a traditional nixtamalization process with heirloom corn sourced from small Mexican farms. This means their tortillas are made fresh daily, ensuring the perfect base for their delicious tacos.


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