10+ Best Burger Restaurants in Toronto (Ontario) 

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If there’s one thing that unites foodies anywhere, it’s the sheer joy of biting into a juicy, perfectly cooked burger. But why do we love burgers so much? Maybe it’s the combination of flavours and textures – the savoury meat, melted cheese, fresh veggies, and a soft, slightly toasted bun. Or perhaps it’s the endless possibilities for customisation. Whatever the reason, don’t miss exploring some of the best burger restaurants in Toronto.

1. JABS (Just Another Burger Spot) 

Visit JABS for a simple yet delicious menu. They offer classic burgers at great prices. Try the Classic with pickles, tomato, lettuce, and JABS sauce, or the Oklahoma with griddled onions. 

2. Matty’s Patty’s Burger Club 

@mattyspattysburgerclub via instagram.com

Matty’s Patty’s, a vintage-style counter-service spot, serves mouthwatering beef burgers and plant-based options. Their signature sesame seed buns and AAA beef smash burgers are a hit. It’s among the burger restaurants in Toronto that offer simple, iconic, and delicious burgers.

3. The Burger Shack 

Photo credit: @hctrvqz (Photo via burgershack.to)

For over 40 years, The Burger Shack has been serving no-frills, old-school burgers in Toronto. Their menu goes beyond classic burgers, offering salads, souvlaki, real milkshakes, and breakfast options. 

  • 233 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto 
  • +1 416-487-1974 

4. The Bullger 

@thebullger via instagram.com

Meat lovers always flock at The Bullger. The menu is loaded with steak sandwiches and butcher’s burgers, including veggie options. Want big and bold? Go for the Red Bull Burger, featuring three patties, beef bacon, and fried portobello mushrooms, all between grilled cheese buns.

5. Slayer Burger 

@slayerburger via instagram.com

This Toronto burger restaurant features a secret menu and bold creations. Try the signature The Slayer Burger or be adventurous with  Beyond Burger, Slit Burger, Vecna, Black Jack, The Blue Ripper, and Bird of Prey. 

6. Rudy 

@rudyresto via instagram.com

Rudy keeps it simple with a minimalist menu. The Big Rudy, The Crudy, Rude Dude and Valentino are must-tries. It’s one of the burger restaurants in Toronto that foodies visit because of its flavourful sauce. 

7. Gold Standard 

@goldstandardsandwich via instagram.com

Gold Standard nails mouthwatering burgers and breakfast sandwiches. It’s among the burger restaurants in Toronto and is perfect for breakfast lovers who crave a good burger.

8. Burger’s Priest 

@theburgerspriest via instagram.com

Famous for their smashed-to-order Canadian beef patties, Burger’s Priest offers quirky options like The Vatican, a cheeseburger between grilled cheese buns. They mix a fun Bible theme with premium burgers and veggie options.

9. Holy Chuck 

@holychuckburgers via instagram.com

Holy Chuck’s namesake burger features maple smoked bacon, caramelized onions, and cheese —no extra toppings needed! Or if you’re a bacon lover, opt for the “You F@t Pig”. Known for innovative burgers, poutine, desserts, and original shakes, desserts, and poutine, it’s among the must-visit burger restaurants in Toronto. 

10. Ozzy’s Burgers 

@ozzysburgers via instagram.com

Ozzy’s serves towering burgers with juicy patties, gourmet toppings like portobello mushrooms, special sauce, melted or deep-fried mozzarella, and more. Using 100% AAA beef ground in-house daily, they offer classic, specialty, premium, vegan, and veggie options.

11. Happy Burger 

@happyburgerto via instagram.com

Happy Burger serves beef and veggie burgers, hot dogs, and fries. Try their smash burgers or the famous Pastrami Burger, which features thin steamed pastrami slices and Happy sauce. Overall, their burgers are simple, tasty, and satisfying.


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