10+ Best Healthy Restaurants in Toronto (Ontario)

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Toronto! The city that’s always buzzing with life, from its electric nightlife to its diverse food scene. But between the tempting poutine and decadent pastries, it can be tough to find healthy options.  If you’re looking to fuel your adventures with nutritious and delicious meals, you’re in luck. This list dives into the best healthy restaurants in Toronto so you can keep your body happy and your taste buds satisfied.

1. Fresh Kitchen + Juice Bar

Best Healthy Restaurants in Toronto
@freshrestaurants via instagram.com 

Fresh Kitchen + Juice Bar Front, conveniently situated near Union Station, Berczy Park, and the Gooderham Building, caters to the downtown Toronto crowd seeking a plant-based haven in the heart of the city’s energetic core. They welcome diners for both casual gatherings with friends and professional lunch meetings.

2. Nutbar

Best Healthy Restaurants in Toronto
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Nutbar is a Toronto-based superfood cafe specializing in healthy and delicious food options. They describe themselves as a “healthy coffee shop,” prioritizing high-quality, nutrient-rich ingredients.

3. the Goods

Best Healthy Restaurants in Toronto
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This Toronto restaurant prioritizes a holistic approach to wellness. Their philosophy centers on disease prevention through a combination of nourishing the body with fresh, whole foods and fostering a healthy lifestyle.

4. Utopia Cafe & Grill

Best Healthy Restaurants in Toronto
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Utopia Cafe & Grill offers a menu of inventive takes on classic dishes like burritos, sandwiches, and burgers. They cater to health-conscious diners with a focus on vegetarian options, alongside meat selections.

5. Kupfert & Kim

Best Healthy Restaurants in Toronto
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Kupfert & Kim prioritizes both human health and environmental responsibility. This Toronto-based quick-service restaurant offers a menu focused on plant-based meals, all made with minimally processed ingredients.

6. Impact Kitchen

Best Healthy Restaurants in Toronto
@impactkitchen via instagram.com 

Impact Kitchen is a Toronto-based restaurant chain built around the philosophy that real, wholesome ingredients prepared with care can empower customers to live healthier and more fulfilling lives.

7. imPerfect Fresh Eats

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imPerfect Fresh Eats is a Toronto restaurant on a mission to inspire a movement around embracing “imperfect” produce. They believe in using cosmetically imperfect fruits and vegetables to create delicious and healthy meals, minimizing food waste and promoting a more sustainable food system


@planta via instagram.com 

PLANTA is a Toronto-based restaurant group founded in 2016 with a mission to elevate plant-based dining. Led by Steven Salm and David Lee, PLANTA champions accessibility and enjoyment within the vegan culinary world.

9. Freshii

@freshii via instagram.com 

Freshii is a Toronto-based healthy fast-food restaurant chain known for its commitment to fresh, delicious, and convenient meals. They cater to a variety of dietary needs, including vegetarian and those with specific preferences.

10. iQ

@iqfoodco via instagram.com 

iQ is a Toronto-based health-focused restaurant built on the philosophy that food can empower both its creators and consumers

11. Mad Radish l Healthy Restaurant & Catering

Mad Radish is a Toronto-based healthy catering company that offers fresh, high-quality meals perfect for corporate lunches or events. Their menu features customizable lunch boxes and sandwiches made with locally sourced halal chicken and beef, alongside delicious vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.


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