15+ Best Pizza Places in Toronto (Ontario, Canada) 

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re a deep-dish devotee, a thin-crust fanatic, or just in it for the cheese because Toronto will make you drool over dough, sauce, and toppings galore. And we’ve listed some of the best pizza places in Toronto where one or two slices aren’t enough.

1. Maker Pizza 

best pizza places in Toronto
@makerpizza via instagram.com

With Chef Matty Matheson behind the scenes, Maker Pizza is a guaranteed hit. Try classics like Spicy Pep God or opt for unique creations like Napoli Dynamite for a flavor explosion.

2. One Night Only Pizza (ONO Pizza) 

best pizza places in Toronto
@onenightonlypizza via instagram.com

ONO Pizza serves classic and unique pies, and they’re downright delicious. Don’t miss their Loaded Baked Potato or Vodka Pep—you’ll love them. 

3. North of Brooklyn Pizzeria 

best pizza places in Toronto
@northofbrooklyn via instagram.com

North of Brooklyn saves a spot as one of the best pizza places in Toronto with its thin-crust perfection. Try the Sopressata Hot Honey  or Maui Wowie (you won’t realize you ate more slices than usual). 

4. Bar Sugo 

At this trendy spot, you won’t want to miss wood-fired pizzas topped with all your favorite fixings, whether you’re into classic flavours like pesto  or adventurous options like Little Manila.

5. Descendant Detroit Style Pizza 

best pizza places in Toronto
@descendant_pizza via instagram.com

The Detroit-style pizzas that are thick, crispy, and loaded with toppings that stretch to every inch of crust make Descendant among the best pizza places in Toronto. From Daddy’s Favourite to Jaffina, these pies are a flavour explosion. 

6. Bello Pizza 

best pizza places in Toronto
@bellopizzatoronto via instagram.com

From signature pies to creative toppings, Bello Pizza is one of the best pizza places in Toronto. Made with cold-fermented dough, its pizzas, like Veggie Delight, Royale Rosé and Portabella, satisfy all your cravings.

7. Mac’s Pizza 

best pizza places in Toronto
@macpizza.to via instagram.com

Thin, crisp, and oh-so-foldable, Mac’s pizzas are generously topped and delicious. Whether you’re craving Buffalo Chicken, Angry Pepperoni or the surprising Lemonhead, you can’t say no to every slice.

8. Acute Pizzeria 

@acutepizzeria via instagram.com

Thanks to a 72-hour ferment, the dough here is light, tangy, and bursting with flavor. Topped with fresh ingredients, these saucy pies are an absolute delight from crust to tip.

9. Revolver Pizza Co. 

Photo credit: @julianandkelly (Photo via @revolverpizzaco)

Crisp, charred, and irresistibly delicious, these wood-fired pizzas blend New York and Neapolitan styles. The Hot Salumi and Sausage Rapinor are some of our personal favourites. 

10. Pizzeria Badiali 

Get in line for some delicious New York-style slices and whole pies. Their house-made ingredients and seasonal specials make every bite worth the wait and every foodie agrees that they’re one of the best pizza places in Toronto.

11. Pizzeria Via Mercanti 

@pizzeriaviamercanti via instagram.com

Their pizza crust is perfectly cooked, while their toppings are mouthwatering. Feeling extra hungry? Try their double-layered pizza. 

12. Mark’s Pizzas 

@marks_pizzas via instagram.com

Take a chance on hefty slices or pre-order a whole pie from this popular spot. With unique toppings like roasted potatoes, ricotta garlic lemon cream and Toulouse sausage, you’ll feel sorry if you don’t try their pizzas.

13. Piccolo Piano Pizzeria 

@piccolopiano.to via instagram.com

These pizzas are the real deal, with light, fluffy crusts and unique topping combos that’ll blow your mind. Dining in is a must for the whole experience, complete with stylish decor and their signature pizza scissors.

  • 89 Harbord St, Toronto
  • +1 647-341-3100 

14. Beast Pizza 

@beast_pizza_to via instagram.com

Beast Pizza’s inventive pies push the boundaries of traditional toppings, from the Glizzy Quattro to collaborations with top chefs like Edulis.

15. Blondies Pizza 

@blondies_pizza via instagram.com

With playful names like Trouble at the Seance and Drake Was Here, Blondies’ pizzas are fun and delicious. Don’t miss out on their signature F**cking Tasty Dip. So, we’re not surprised if they’re one of the best pizza places in Toronto.

16. The Fourth Man in the Fire Pizzeria 

Photo credit: @toreats (Photo via @thefourthmaninthefirepizza)

Their pies are made with quality ingredients, and all menu items, from classic Caesar salad to gooey mozzarella sticks, are designed with family-style dining in mind. Plus, their California-style donuts are a must-try. 

These pizza spots are destinations for happiness whenever you’re craving classic favourites or feeling adventurous with unique toppings.


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