10+ Best African Restaurants in Toronto (Ontario) 

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Does African cuisine call your name lately? Perfect. We’ve prepared this list of the best African restaurants in Toronto. We’ll help you enjoy the hearty stews and aromatic spices of West Africa, the rich, flavourful dishes of North Africa, and the unique, diverse tastes of East and South Africa without leaving the city. 

1. Afrobeat Kitchen

Best African Restaurants in Toronto
@afrobeatkitchen via instagram.com

Afrobeat Kitchen serves West African dishes, like Soft Life Steak Suya, Pele Pele Prawns, and Peppered Chicken. Craving variety? Enjoy Miso Mafe with Ginger Coconut Rice, Kelewele Tostones, and vegan egusi. 

  • 1510 Queen St W, Toronto
  • +1 416-880-2994 

2. Hamdi Restaurant

Best African Restaurants in Toronto
@hamdi_restaurant via instagram.com

Have you ever tried Halal East African and Somali cuisine? Get them at Hamdi, one of the best African restaurants in Toronto. Enjoy hearty steak, chicken, or goat plates with rice, chapatti, or spaghetti. Their beef stew, seasoned with cardamom and cinnamon, is perfect for warming up. 

3. African Village

Best African Restaurants in Toronto
@africanvillage.t.o via instagram.com

Have a bite of fresh, delicious African cuisine at African Village. The Whole Grilled Chicken, Grilled Seabass, Pounded Yam with Egusi soup, and Nigerian Jollof Rice, Rice & Stew are some favourites. 

4. Istar Restaurant & Banquet

Since 1999, Istar has been Toronto’s go-to for East African delights. The cozy ambiance complements the menu, which is inspired by Italian, Indian, Somalian, and North American cuisines. You won’t regret trying their Chicken Tikka, Salmon Wrap, Digaag Suqaar, Beef Stew, and BBQ Chicken.


Get a taste of home-style Nigerian cuisine at SKCOOKKS. Established in 2017, This African restaurant offers dishes like Jollof Rice, Egusi with eba, Eforiro, Peppered Turkey, Ayamase Meal, Grilled Fish, and Kak’s Chicken. 

6. Plan B – Handmade Burgers, Boerewors, and Braai

Plan B is the only South African BBQ joint, and it’s among the must-visit African restaurants in Toronto. Founded by a dynamic duo from Johannesburg, they serve heaping plates of South African BBQ, salads, burgers, and more. 

7. Sahan Restaurant

For mouthwatering Somali dishes in a relaxed setting, you can’t miss Sahan. It’s one of the best African restaurants in Toronto that uses natural flavours and subtle spices.

8. African Palace

@africanpalacetoronto via instagram.com

At African Palace, enjoy the traditional flavours of African, Ethiopian, and Eritrean cuisines. The creative use of spices and home-grown ingredients make dishes like Mimita, Wat, Tibs, Keebe, Tahini, and Shiro must-tries. Meal combo, vegan and gluten-free options are also available. 

9. African Chop Bar

African Chop Bar brings West African cuisine to Toronto with a variety of Ghanaian dishes. Go for Jollof Rice, Banku and Fire Grilled Tilapia, Garden Egg Stew, Ghana Savoury Chips, Goat Suya, and Goat Light Soup.

10. Naija Jollof Lounge 

@naijajolloftoronto via instagram.com

This staple African food spot offers a menu featuring hard-to-find African delights. Treat yourself to suya dishes, fried plantain, black-eyed pea fritters, chicken, stewed goats, and more.

  • 505 Parliament St, Toronto 
  • +1 416-922-7555 

11. Calabar Grill

@calabargrill via instagram.com

Ready for a flavour-packed feast in one of the top African restaurants in Toronto? Calabar serves egusi soup with fufu, suya, jollof rice, goat pepper, and more in a stylish setting. The white marble bar and open-concept booths make every meal feel like a family gathering.

  • 1178 Weston Rd, York 
  • +1 416-249-9100 


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