15+ Best Coffee Shops in Toronto (Ontario, Canada) 

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Want to join me in exploring the best coffee shops in Toronto? Then, grab your favourite mug (or just imagine it). From cozy cafes with quirky vibes to sleek espresso bars serving artisanal brews, you’ll love how the city has it all.

1. The Library Specialty Coffee

best coffee shops in Toronto
@tlscoffee via instagram.com

Visit The Library Specialty Coffee, renowned among the best coffee shops in Toronto, to savour their Aussie Cappuccino—a robust double shot of espresso with a touch of sweetness from cocoa powder.

2. Mos Mos Coffee

Mos Mos Coffee is where stylish ambiance meets meticulously crafted beverages. Don’t miss their White Lao Latte for a smooth and indulgent coffee experience.

3. Fahrenheit Coffee 

While Fahrenheit Coffee is a small café, it offers big flavours. Expertly crafted espresso-based drinks await, making it one of the best coffee shops in Toronto. 

4. Aroma Espresso Bar

best coffee shops in Toronto
@aromacanada via instagram.com

A coffee lover but also a foodie? Aroma Espresso Bar’s rich coffee blends pair perfectly with sandwiches, salads, and pastries. Cozy up and unwind in their friendly ambiance.

5. Boxcar Social

best coffee shops in Toronto
@boxcar_social via instagram.com

At Boxcar Social, you can enjoy both coffee and whiskey. Specialty brews and flights of whiskey await. Enjoy the patio and soak up the atmosphere at this unique spot.

6. Rooster Coffee House

best coffee shops in Toronto
@roostercoffee via instagram.com

Enjoy serene views overlooking Riverdale Park at Rooster Coffee House’s flagship location. For a delightful, nutty treat, I recommend their Matcha Walnut Latte.

7. Milky’s Coffee

via milkys.ca 

Serious about coffee, Milky’s Coffee focuses on the details, from custom-made tools to thoughtful drink presentations. Don’t leave this coffee shop without trying their Exuding Jade #22 tea for a unique and flavourful experience.

8. Balzac’s Coffee Roasters

Balzac’s Coffee Roasters celebrates local culture and history. Be sure to try their signature Atwood Blend, which promises a rich and bold coffee experience.

9. Sam James Coffee Bar

Sam James Coffee Bar’s hip black-and-white interior will instantly grab your attention. After you get a drink, appreciate the local vibe with blown-up artistic photos adorning the walls.

10. Fika Cafe 

via fika.ca 

Take a Swedish-style coffee break at Fika Cafe and snap photos of the pretty blue house’s cozy ambiance. With Scandi-inspired decor and a wall adorned with old book pages, it’s the perfect spot to relax and recharge.

11. Pilot Coffee Roasters

Pilot Coffee Roasters highlights direct trade and sustainable sourcing. Their in-house roasted beans and bright, modern cafes make a perfect spot to catch up with friends or tackle your to-do list.

12. Dineen Coffee Company

Dineen Coffee Company is famous for its ornate details, vintage charm, soaring ceilings, and stunning chandelier. Grab a seat, sip your favourite coffee, and enjoy the city’s bustling energy.

13. French Made Café 

French Made Café brings a taste of Paris to the city, earning its place among the best coffee shops in Toronto. I love pairing delicious pastries or hand-pressed sandwiches with custom-roasted De Melo Palheta Espresso. 

14. Jimmy’s Coffee

Unleash your creativity at Jimmy’s Coffee on Ossington Street, where eclectic decor, including pressed-tin ceiling tiles and vintage memorabilia, provides the perfect backdrop for freelancers and coffee enthusiasts.

15. Neo Coffee Bar

Neo Coffee Bar is a super-modern space with double-height ceilings and concrete walls. Grabbing a quick coffee to go or lingering at the communal table? You’ll appreciate the warm wood accents that make this spot feel inviting.

16. Found Coffee

@found.coffee.to via instagram.com

At Found Coffee, expertly crafted lattes are served with warmth and hospitality. With award-winning coffee and a relaxing atmosphere, it deserves a spot in the list of best coffee shops in Toronto. 

Nothing compares to the shop’s relaxing vibe while enjoying the day. So, which coffee shop is your new favourite?


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