10+ Best Omakase Restaurants in Toronto (Ontario)

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Feeling like a sushi connoisseur these days? Toronto’s culinary scene boasts a bounty of amazing Japanese restaurants, but for an unforgettable experience, look no further than omakase.  This chef’s choice tasting menu allows you to sit back, relax, and be wowed by the freshest seasonal catches, expertly prepared by a sushi master.  Craving melt-in-your-mouth toro (fatty tuna) or perfectly balanced nigiri?  Let’s dive into the  best omakase restaurants in Toronto (Ontario) and turn your next meal into a culinary adventure!

1. Yasu Toronto

best omakase restaurants in Toronto
@yasu_toronto via Instagram

Established in 2014, Yasu Toronto holds the distinction of being Canada’s first Omakase sushi bar. This intimate restaurant offers an exclusive chef’s choice tasting course, where diners can experience the freshest seasonal fish meticulously prepared by Chef Yasu.

2. Miku Toronto

best omakase restaurants in Toronto
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A pioneer of Aburi sushi in Toronto, Miku Toronto has been tantalizing taste buds since 2015.  This contemporary fine-dining establishment, boasting over 7,000 square feet, seamlessly blends modern design with a vibrant atmosphere.

3. Akira Back Restaurant

best omakase restaurants in Toronto
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Toronto’s Bisha Hotel houses Akira Back Restaurant, the first Canadian namesake eatery from the Michelin-starred chef of the same name.  This luxurious restaurant, opened in collaboration with INK Entertainment, showcases Chef Back’s unique culinary vision.

4. JaBistro

best omakase restaurants in Toronto
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A contemporary haven for artfully prepared sushi and innovative cocktails, JaBistro has carved a niche for itself in Toronto’s competitive culinary scene. This stylish restaurant, located in the trendy Queen West neighborhood, takes a modern approach to Japanese cuisine.

5. Yukashi Japanese Cuisine

best omakase restaurants in Toronto
@yukashitoronto via Instagram

Yukashi Japanese Cuisine brings a modern perspective to Japanese culinary tradition in Toronto.  This award-winning restaurant, led by Chef Daisuke Izutsu, focuses on showcasing seasonal ingredients at their peak. 

6. Sushi Kaji Restaurant

best omakase restaurants in Toronto
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Shrouded in a touch of mystery, Sushi Kaji Restaurant has captivated Toronto’s discerning palates for over two decades. Founded by Chef Mitsuhiro Kaji in 2000, this unassuming gem in Etobicoke prioritizes experience over extravagance.

7. Shoushin

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Evoking the spirit of a quintessential Tokyo sushi bar, Shoushin occupies a prime spot in Toronto’s affluent Bedford Park neighborhood since 2015.

8. Kaito Sushi Omakase

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Nestled in Toronto’s Junction neighbourhood, Kaito Sushi Omakase offers an experience that defies its casual exterior. This gem has carved a niche for itself as a champion of affordable omakase in the city.

9. Aburi Hana

@hanayorkville via Instagram

Toronto’s Yorkville neighborhood boasts Aburi Hana, a restaurant lauded for its innovative take on Kyo-Kaiseki cuisine.  This Michelin-starred establishment, helmed by Chef Ryusuke Nakagawa, presents a multi-sensory dining experience that elevates traditional Kyoto-style course menus. 

10. Shunoko

@shunoko_sushi via Instagram

Shunoko in Toronto’s Midtown neighborhood offers a fresh take on the casual sushi experience.  This intimate restaurant, established in 2021, focuses on high-quality, seasonal ingredients prepared in the omakase style.

11. SAKU (sushi & taco)

@sakutoronto via Instagram

SAKU (sushi & taco) in Toronto carves a distinctive niche by offering a playful fusion of Japanese and Mexican cuisine. This modern izakaya boasts a chill vibe, perfect for a relaxed and social dining experience. 


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